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Mar 22, 2023

sowy you suck

st johns better and you really need to stop all the drug addictions to the funny gas.
bruh get better
Mar 3, 2023

This school is absolutely terrible

Teachers suck, the rules are so outdated and extra. They care so much yet so little. The uniform is atrocious. They make us look like we are living in 1920. I mean they literally have hair rules. They say it’s so then we look tidy for employers. But the only time people see us is when we are in town and everyone has their uniform scruffy anyways so there’s no point. Plus jobs now couldn’t care less about your hair.
Feb 5, 2023

Conservative ideologies harm students

I woke up in the morning at 7am and immediately went to wake up my parents. I explained to them how I'm dreamgender and dreamsexual but they didnt even know who dream is, boomers. I had to explain to them its a sexy minecraft youtuber and how Im connected to him emotionally and sexually. They didnt get mad at all (yay!) they just stared at me with a blank expression. I think theyre proud of me but just dont know what to think of it yet since it came as such as shock to them. I tried to show them a video of dream but they werent really interested and told me to go to school. in school the first class was english so I told the teacher that I had an important announcement that I would like to tell to the entire class. Yesterday I prepared a short powerpoint presentation on dreamgenders and dreamsexuals to make them better understand. I explained how dream is really hot and how I feel a deep connection to dream and how he is my soulmate and my identity. The teacher was so amazed I guess she didnt know what to say haha she looked like she was smiling.
When I finished explaining why dream is hot and awesome, I started clapping expecting everyone else to do the same, but they didnt. My best friend didnt clap either which was really weird but maybe he was also surprised since I hadnt told him either. my teacher ended up being the only one clapping, so Im really thankful to her. I thought they didnt get it so I tried to explain in simpler terms that I love dream and how I am dream. Some girls were giggling the entire time so I called them out on it saying they shouldnt be laughing when I have prepared for this moment for so long. Then they started saying really dreamphobic things like saying its stupid and makes no sense. I explained to them why its homophobic and close minded but they didnt listen. Then some guy called me a stupid fucking nerd which made my blood boil. I challenged him to a duel in minecraft which he didnt even respond to and his friends were just laughing. Everyone else was silent I thought that they secretly supported me but just didnt want to face the same oppression dreamgenders and dreamsexuals have to face every day. Then the teacher told me to get back to my seat and started the lesson like nothing happened. I told her I wanted to show the class a compilation of minecraft manhunt best moments but she didnt let me do it. After the class a bunch of my classmates came to me and asked if I was joking or what and I tried to explain it to them but they were just making fun of me and saying Im weird and a creep. it was awful. I was bullied a bit before but now nobody wanted to talk to me the entire day even when I tried to show my ''friends'' (not friends anymore, theyre nazis apparently) some dream videos and discussed minecraft speedrunning they didnt respond at all.
I've been crying the entire day because I cant believe the people I thought were cool were dreamphobes/racists/nazis as well. 😭😭😭😭😭 its honestly really crushing how people are still like this in 2021. now Im starting to realize I dont need those kinds of toxic people in my life and the only person I truly need is Dream. Dream is my boyfriend, my gender, my sexuality, my identity and my best friend all at once, why would I need anyone else?
Feb 2, 2023

Disgusting behaviour.

I agree with everyone on here, school is way too strict. We booked my son in to get a haircut to meet their requirements the day before the first day back. The hairdresser then proceeded to cancel and as my son was at the year 13 camp for the next two days we decided we would get the haircut afterwards. At the camp they then cut my sons hair forcefully, if he refused to comply they threatened to not feed him. I think it's disgusting that they couldn't wait two more days and threatened him with starvation.
Jan 31, 2023

People complain about this school too much.

Honestly, I've been to schools around Hamilton, and the other schools are way worse. There is bullying, drug use, vaping and all the worse things galore. At Boys there's an element of safety. The teachers care about me. The discipline is strong, but the majority of teachers are very fair. They are most certainly not encouraged to hand out detention and homework, and the majority of the time homework was just extra stuff done in class. E.g in maths I was set tasks for the period and what I didn't finish was homework. More money could go to the arts department, but If you love sport this school is an excellent choice. They could do better but it is not a bad school.
Former Student
Oct 5, 2022

Mental health not respected

This school failed to recognise nor accomodate me during domestic abuse and mental health challenges. Teachers that were reported often named students who reported them in front of peers and made excuses like "it's preparing you for the workplace". Very glad to be in a healthy workplace where I'm not experiencing abuse and am able to learn from my mistakes. I had a defiance problem because of domestic abuse that the school identified as being resolvable by punishing me as hard as they could. Nobody would listen when I tried to explain my situation. I'm now receiving therapy to work through the maladaptive habits I developed during my time at this school. I feel they care too much about their image and sports and have no room for movement because of some warped concept of "discipline". I went to other schools where the teachers treated you like people and mutual respect was developed, and children flourished. Students felt free to express themselves and bullying was less common. Here they just demand respect and it's common for kids to become defiant because they realise the teachers aren't respectful. Sure, you'd need to respect people in a workplace and in life, but to me that's obvious and I learned very poorly in an environment where people treat me like dirt.
Feb 12, 2021

My so far painful experience at HBHS

The staff and the subjects offered are great. But one of the many things I found to be irritating at this school is how many of the teachers are always giving out detentions, and the new canteen service is horrible, I waited in a small line for 45 minutes and I never even got to order my food. The "house competitions" are absolutely pointless, I came to this school to get an education not be forced to do things I should not be, in anyway required to do. I have also found that almost everyone I have asked about the house competitions has agreed with me. I am writing this as a current student at HBHS.
Former Student
Sep 10, 2020

HBHS is too strict

This school is very regimented. The teachers are encouraged to give detentions and homework is much and infringes upon hobbies. A teacher gave me a detention after getting 100% on a math test because I did no homework as I knew I was already proficient in trigonometry. I feel as though this school had a negative effect on my mental health.
Peachgrove Road, Unknown, Hamilton
Susan Hassall
07 853 0440

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