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Former Student
Jul 12, 2024

This was a horrible school

Hagly high school, this school gives you a the future to pick up garbage or end up in jail. There is constant bullying and drug use, this school is for drop outs and I wouldn’t recommend.
Mar 1, 2023


I never really fit in at any other school I went to. But I think I've actually found the school for me finally
Former Student
Dec 3, 2022

Hagley college is bad

Everyone is self centered. Everyone has drug problems. The school only supports people of colour and the LGBT community. If your a white male you are often overlooked. Had multiple people come onto school grounds looking to hurt people without the teachers doing anything.
Former Student
Jun 23, 2022

100% recommend

would definitely recommend hagley, I have difficulty with learning and my 2 previous schools were not beneficial for me. once I started hagley in year 12 my grades began to rise and I felt much more accepted in the diverse and loving environment of hagley. i would recommend this school for people struggling to find a good support system and understanding from staff in their current schools. had a few bad teachers but there’s gonna be bad teachers at every school no matter what. 100% consider Hagley if this sounds like what your child needs!
Jun 11, 2022

It's great

It's the best ever everyone should go there at least for a month.
Jan 8, 2022

the worse school ever

this school doesn’t care about me. it put me in very bad classes this year with none of my friends. honestly worse place ever
Former Student
Oct 24, 2020

The best school experience I could have asked for

It's been almost a year since I graduated from Hagley College and It was a wonderful experience. There was never a moment that I felt my teachers weren't working their absolute hardest in aiding my academic accomplishments and motivating me to do well. I knew that I was truly cared for by the staff, and I firmly believe that every student who passes through Hagley will find at least one tutor who they personally connect with. When things were difficult for me they always noticed, and were very confidential and sensitive with what I shared. I always felt equal to my peers, the students were kind and very accepting of differences and the progressive culture at Hagley taught me self respect and respect for others. There was a great balance between work and play, I felt pushed to do my best but never forced past my limits. Teachers would listen to feedback from students and make changes to accommodate the students' suggestions. During break time some teachers offered board game playing time, that the teachers participated in. Others sacrificed their break to talk with students about life admin, taxes, working, topics the students requested etc. I always felt that my contributions to discussion and feedback were taken into account. I felt I really had impact on my and others' experiences and that there was value in my thoughts and feelings. I will always be grateful for the personal growth Hagley offered me. I would not have changed my experience for the world.
Aug 28, 2020

Hagley College

I think that Hagley is known as a very accepting and open school to everyone. However lots of people have opinions that are discriminatory to people and i haven’t seen anything done about it. Personally I see bullying however it gets resolved very quickly which is great. Teachers treat us as adults (most of the time:/) and we are all on a first name basis which allows us to be on the same level. There is no uniform which allows students and teachers to dress as themselves and no one truely cares what anyone else is wearing. The facility’s of the school are fantastic and are available for all students most of the time. In general i’m not a fan of school as a whole but this wouldn’t change depending on the school... this being said I think that Hagley is the only place where I personally would be able to study and be able to pass the years.
510 Hagley Avenue, 8011, Christchurch
Mike Fowler
03 379 3090

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