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Jun 5, 2024

ashcoll is better

this school sucks. lots of bullying and I try to stay home as much as possible. doesn't help with work. doesn't see both sides of the story if in trouble. they say they are sorting things out but things did not change and many wanted to bash me for absolutely no reason. I had to run into the bathrooms to get away and had been in there all lunch so about 60 mins and there were absolutely no teachers to support me and one of the girls only got 1 day of with drawn which was not enough as she also physically hurt my friend by kicking the back of her legs and grabbing her arm violently. the school did barely anything about this. my education has gone down hill badly also. I do not feel safe at this school even with teachers around.
Sep 7, 2023

Ok better than most

The school has by in large hard working and committed staff. There's a HUGE staff turnover and it's mainly because of the showpony principal who does nothing to help the staff and kids but loves the limelight and knows all the right words to use.
Some lovely kids and a supportive community
Mar 10, 2023

Solid all round school.

No school is perfect, but Geraldine is pretty solid and the teacher try very hard with minimal support from the principal. It is a great school if you want to get stuck in. In terms of vaping, smoking etc. you simply need to have a back bone and be able to say no. It as simple as that. The facilities are pretty good and a lot of the teachers know their stuff. Great outdoor facilities (ropes course, PIA, outdoor ed, school pool). Solid school.
Former Student
Mar 3, 2023

Very rough

Almost got killed by some kid choking me out with my tie teachers are very rude it's rough very rough
Feb 25, 2023

geraldine high school review

i don’t like this school, very average overall and have no extra help for learning difficulties like dyslexia and adhd witch i have and my teachers are aware of this yet i get no help. some decent teachers tho, this is my 5th year going and i have most definitely learnt more on all the days i’ve missed school than in school, still don’t know all my times tables 👍🏼
Former Student
Apr 12, 2021

Glad to be gone

The staff lack empathy towards students who are struggling mentally, as well as teachers targeting certain students with snide remarks.
Well-being is a joke, it is only brought up in the health curriculum but when well-being is of concern, it is never allowed to be prioritised.
Bullying is inevitable, you are either bullied or are the bully. Which teachers and other members of staff fail to act upon.

It is concerning the quick turnover of newer staff members.

All this school cares about is their Primary Industry Academy, the only part of the school where the teacher has placed a lot of time and effort into their teaching and opportunities for the students. The achievements of students academically rarely get acknowledged.

Sports that are not rugby or netball are greatly neglected.
Former Student
Aug 21, 2020

Review of ghs

The school has alot of bullies bringing down other students, they dont really support alot of children in things they just care about doing the work and going to school not the children's wellbeing and mental health. They can be a good school for learning but students aren't the nicest and teachers aren't as supportive as they could be.
There is also alot of students who drink and smoke whilst at school which isn't appropriate.
Mckenzie Street, 7930, Geraldine
Simon Coleman
03 693 0017

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