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Mar 16, 2024


David Seymour's recent visit

Ivan Miller
Kia ora,
I was so saddened to hear disciplinary action had been taken against the brave young Tane who led the haka for David Seymour's visit to the school 2 days ago.
I praise and applaud all your courageous students who took part. With so much tinkering touted by the Minister that threatens the integrity of Te Tiriti, and with other rights of Tangata Whenua under threat it is encouraging to see the younger generation awake and aware to the government's agenda and not afraid to call them out for it.
Exercising their freedom of speech, engaging in democracy, and challenging Seymour in various ways, including their passionate haka hopefully displayed the depth of feeling these Rangitahi feel, especially with the threat of schools around the country having food for schools cut or disestablished.
I hope this emboldens other schools to give Seymour a similar reception. You have some great, and passionate and loyal young leaders in the making there.
I hope students take to the streets and strike with similar passion, as they felt compelled to do for the Climate emergency.

Nga Mihi,
Ivan Miller
Mar 14, 2024

Disgraceful welcome for visitors

Yesterday the school group ( staff & students) behaved disgracefully when welcoming visitors! What were senior management thinking when they allowed this?
Nov 27, 2023

Principal is trash

The new principal is a terrible person who thinks its a good idea to replace the 6 day timetable with a 10 day timetable and they are removing the study weeks so we cant study for exams so yea he's gay
Feb 16, 2023


Fhs is fine but not great

Very accepting. But School struggles to deal with bullying fully. There are also a few teachers who will pull back students as they don’t know the content they teach so they may be very behind the in later years if they end up with one of them.
Dec 4, 2022

Massive Bullying problem

I recently graduated year 13 and got bullied every day for the last year I was there by a group of students both online and on school grounds. I reached out to multiple teachers for help and they either treated it as a joke or swept it under the rug, never to bring it up with the bullies or me ever again.
Jul 9, 2022


The teachers are good in most cases but some of them are quite intolerant of differences.
May 19, 2022

Another little experience from student.

In Freyberg is not thing bad at all like teacher they are lovely, and teaching Great. For me learning is important normaly. I do like how they teach not much pressure on me alot and help me when I need help.
May 18, 2022

I am doing Economic, Geography, Statistic, Physic, and English (My course is from 2019 to 2023)

Vietnamese student Studying in New Zealand (Frey Berg High School)

Freyberg is a great school, to me, it doesn't put too much pressure on the students especially in Studying because, at Freyberg, people value self-discipline. Everyone is very respectful here, as an international student (Vietnam) at Freyberg for the 2019 - 2023 class, I currently do not have problems such as bullying and difficulty getting along with other people. The teachers here are quite concerned with students, teachers are quite close to students and often help students have problems in their study, life ETC... Sports and extracurricular activities after school abound. For me, Freyberg is a great place, very suitable for international students, especially students from countries such as Vietnam, China, Korea ETC... If you have problems related to socialising, then Frey Berg will be a place for you. But in Freyberg will not be suitable for those of you who are not polite and do not respect others.

Tommy Tran
Former Student
May 16, 2022

Freyberg is good

Great school. Equal opportunities and many things to do
Dec 31, 2021


Terrible school, the teachers don’t care at all about teaching only about their next pay check, one teacher even said to our class that it doesn’t matter what we do so long as she gets her next pay check she doesn’t care, there are teachers at the school that have gotten into trouble at the last school they where teaching at and left and came to freyberg, some teachers will refuse to let some students leave to go to the bathroom and let others go, I think the main reason for this is not that the teachers judge who is actually needing to go to the bathroom or not but based on how much they like the student, there was one kid in our class who always did his work and was very quiet and never asked to go to the bathroom and the one time he did the teachers refused to let home leave, overall it’s a terrible school
Mar 18, 2021

My Review ☺️

I have loved being at this school, i have made so many friends and have been able to excel in the school environment. Like any school you have to make the most of it, i put a lot of effort in at school and i get a lot back from it as a result. Although as i am someone who doesn’t need any extra help and doesn’t sees the school councillors, i can’t comment on that part of the school. Personally my favourite teachers at the school are the drama teachers and have alsway found them really encouraging and accepting of everyone. there are lots of good teachers and some that are not so good. But i fine some teacher that i don’t like other love vice versus so it all depends on what type of learner you are. The music/ arts department is really good and there are so many opportunities within those groups. The maths teachers are hit and miss. The sciences teachers are all pretty good and the english teachers are all alright. and the cafe food is kinda alright. Overall i really enjoy being at this school ☺️
Former Student
Feb 27, 2021

Extreme Bullying from Students and Teachers

I was harassed everyday by the students and teachers at this school and upon supplying evidence and multiple reports of this extreme bullying, over more than a year, to the year 12 dean (*** ******), principal (Mr. Brooks) and my ******** teacher (Ms. ********), none of them did anything to help and started to treat me as if I was the problem (saying I was bullying the teachers by sending them too many emails asking for them to help me, stating that they didn't believe me even with evidence, and moving me out of the class instead of the people sending me death threats online and swearing at/flipping me off whenever they saw me). Etc, etc, etc. This went on for more than a year and none of these bullies, students and teachers, were made accountable for anything.
Oct 7, 2020

Really bad school

The teachers don't care if your grades are bad I don't understand the work in math when I asked for help she told me to just do what the book says in science we don't do anything and when the science test come then everyone freak out because we have no idea what the test is about we have very little time to study for exams that's why I always do bad 2 weeks is not enough to study for Al subjects and I can't study in vacation because that's when I'm trying to figure out how I will be coping with school the councilor is really bad I feel like I want to bang my head on the wall and go unconscious and never wake up again this school stresses me out so much the councilor think I'm just dramatic and childish and won't really help me with my problems my class bully me a lot because I'm quite and they are consistently make jokes about the quite kid being the school shooter the teachers are really terrible I think all the drama teachers should get fired I think the principle did substance abuse when he was selecting the drama and dance teachers the school is sexist too in health class we had to write what are men and women suppose to do and look like the kids gave answers like men are suppose to look masculine and propose to the woman and that woman are supposed to care about their looks and look after the kids and the teacher agreed I couldn't stand it they always treat the lgbtq kids as the weird kids and there was a girl that killed herself at the school I think the school should have a day for her each year and should apologise to the family each year and make and her voice be heard she will never be gone if we still believe in her we should have justice for her the school was really so bad that someone killed their self and their is a basketball coach that touched a girl inappropriately and she will be forgotten just like the dead girl because freyberg don't give a shit about what is happening to their students and that wouldn't have happened if the principle selected the correct staff the principle is terrible and I'm telling him now to choose new drama and dance teachers or the school will have another event like like the pervert teacher or a student will kill him/her self again their sport are bad I was in the girl basketball team after the pervert teacher they had a student coach she didn't know anything about basketball all we did was tribble the ball once and shoot a few hoops she taught us nothing about ball handling offence drills devensive drills or how to dunk we lost a lot of matches I felt so embarrassed i quit the basketball team i really love sport but i can't do sport at freyberg because their training time is either too late or too early i have no hope for that school i don't know how long i will be able to survive in that school it feels like I'm stuck there i have no outlet i have no alcohol or cigarette to numb this terrible feeling inside every time i think about that school i get nauses one time i got so nauses i actually puked i feel nauses and anxious every time i think about that school i always get panic attacks at school and then go to the bathroom every time i close my eyes I'm in that school bathroom loosing myself it feels like I'm stuck even when I'm at home i see all the bad freyberg memories happening all over again and i can't escape it feels like I'm trapped in a cage under water and the water already filled my lungs and I'm just waiting to drown so that i can escape this i just want to get away from that school apparently im too young to drop out it feels like I'm running a maze and there is darkness slowly coming over the maze and the darkness is choking me i want to get away from that place it is vacation and it is torture it is like I know I'm going to go to that terrible place and there is nothing i can do about it i hate weekends and vacations it is pure torture
I don't care if i don't finish school i don't care if i will live on the streets i don't care if i will be starving i just want this this freyberg school to end
Sep 4, 2020


A lot of teachers are slack or extremely strict. Constantly being gaslight when it comes to assessments. But I do like the layout of the school and how friendly students can be
Aug 23, 2020

Freyberg high school is strange.

It's not really a good school, the only good department at the school is the music department, which is amazing. The language department needs more languages, there are only four to choose from and the academics should be better. I should not have been taught stuff in year nine that I already learnt in year five and six. Next year the extension classes and support classes are going to be scrapped and all the year nines have to do all the optional classes, due to this they will be getting a tiny amount of the core subjects like maths, science and English. This is utterly rediculous but the teachers and students can't really do anything. The bathrooms are gross and half of them don't have locks on the stalls and are missing soap dispensers. The sports selection is good.
Freyberg Street, 4414, Palmerston North
Peter Brooks
06 358 4971

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