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Former Student
Nov 5, 2023

most suspension rates in any secondary school.

Would rate this school the worst. My parents moved a lot so I’ve been to plenty of different high schools, and I finished my academics at Feilding high for about 2 years, And this is the worst school I had ever been too.
Teachers are rude, unsupportive and racist.
We even had a small gathering of young Māori/pacific island students meeting with the deans, school head figures and the police, I remember one question that was asked by the policeman to snuff out which teachers or faculty where racist. The policeman even asked “can you tell me which staff are racist?”
No one said a word because we had all been having a hard time with them and the staff that were present for the meeting were the ones that were the racists.
Also I remember the day I left the rugby team and all the deans and higher ups turned on me real fast.
Jul 29, 2023


full of a bunch of inbred freaks who harass anybody who dares be different. teachers do nothing about bullying. i have had slurs screamed and me and have been told to kill myself multiple times but nothing has ever been done. all the school cares about is sports, the arts department is extremely underfunded. classrooms are full of cockroaches and rats are prevalent in english resource rooms.
Jul 16, 2023

Please do better

This school has a huge bullying problem. Speaking from personal experience, the teachers only solution to bullying is to put the victim and the bully in the same room and get them to "talk out" their issues. If you don't want to do this, they will say they can't do anything about the problem. They also have a big problem with sexual harassment and assault, but it of course gets shoved under the rug. There is a lack of compassion and you are made to feel like you are just another number on a list rather than a person. As though you are bothering the teachers by bringing up issues to them. Lots of the teachers are horrible when it comes to handling students with mental health struggles. If you have anxiety they won't take it seriously and still force you to present in front of the class even if you have panic attacks in class because of it (another personal experience). Overall you feel like you have to keep silent to survive and if you have normal human feelings you are causing trouble for the teachers. They're also unnecessarily strict on school uniforms rather than putting their time into bigger issues like bullying and students selling and doing drug at school.
Mar 12, 2023

Mental Health of students & Teacher Rudeness

The school has no overall care for the mental health of students. They don’t take into consideration what could be going on at home or in their lives and more focus on trying to look good. The students that play sports are treated way more fairly then students that don’t.

Especially some teachers there that make fun of kids and if a student tries to stick up for themselves they don’t let them and don’t let them have a voice
Mar 4, 2023

I would rate it in the negatives if I could

One of the most awful years of my life was because of this school. I left because of the of worst teaching you could ever witness. Teachers who are depressed, unenergetic, mean, selfish, some who can bearly speak English and the list goes on really. Don't get me started on the deans, they care more about going home than wanting to help you. Many of my friends shared the same pain with me. Plus the hair rules where boys can't have long hair, if you do they send you to the deans, so weird. But this one teacher, a very nice maths teacher. He taught me lots, if only the rest where like him this review would of been a lot better.
Feb 21, 2023


If I had enough money for a lawyer I would like them to court. The Deans and principal are bullies and they are only interested in their sports players. They kick kids out willy nilly and bully certain kids until they break.
If your kid is struggling dont expect help - they are only interested in their image.
Honestly the heads of that school need to all be fired - I have never come across a group of narcissistic bullying men in my life.
Feb 21, 2023

Made me very unhappy

Hugeeeee bullying problem. Dean's are useless and unless ur a fave they will treat u like a problem. School loves u if u play sports. Not enough places to sit. They don't communicate enough, we don't know anything until the last moment. Not enough freedom.
Feb 13, 2023

Awful "School regulations" that don't allow freedom.

The "School regulations" are completely unfair for guys that want long hair. Girls are allowed hair down to their shoulders before it is tied up, but guys can't have it past our eyebrows or covering our ears. The school cares way too much about their school image and doesn't allow any freedom or expression of self. If a girl is allowed long hair why isn't a guy allowed it? More money should be put into wellbeing and mental health.
Feb 13, 2023

"School regulations" way too strict

The restrictions on hair are completely unfair for guys that want long hair. Girls are allowed hair down to their shoulders before it is tied up but guys can't have it past their eyebrows or covering their ears. Too much focus on punishing and enforcing rules and not enough on freedom of mental health. All this to preserve the school image, may as well just be a girl now. Also the school cares way too much about sports.
Former Student
Dec 4, 2022

L school

L school. There was like 2 good teachers. And no phones at lunch was fucked 😭
Nov 7, 2022

Hey Students!!! I know you're grieving.. but you need to prove it...?!

Is it true this school expects students to provide proof of death certificates if they take a day or two off for the death of a loved one? Weird.
Former Student
Sep 27, 2022


Time for some new ideas...

The school celebrates the same few students (academic and sporting codes) regularly. The values are not celebrated and recognition is not spread across students that make a difference through effort, kindness and inclusion.

Issues are not addressed at a school-wide level meaning certain unfavourable behaviours continue. It is not a safe emotional and social place for all students.

The staff use old pedagogy which is long out-dated and students complain of disengagement. There is a lot of worksheet type tasks. Some teachers refuse to help students who need the work explained.

The 2021 Y10 pupils were not offered camps although all surrounding high school went ahead with theirs. There has not been any consultation or consideration of offering these pupils an alternative as the have been robbed of a memorable experience which is normally the highlight of high school experience.
Jul 2, 2021

Honestly worst school ever

Honestly this school is a joke. Would not recommend to anyone. The school is more focused on it's stupid image to focus on the students struggling. Although the dean's are supposed to support students they instead make it their mission to make life hard and unless you are able to stand up for yourself they crush you. For instance I was placed in a class that I was not comfortable in it was filled with people who had bullied me last year (school did nothing when I complained except send me to the councillor.) I also had no friends in that class and suffer from severe social anxiety. I am also a year 10 student and the were assigning me yr 11 ncea stuff which I felt I wasn't ready for and even some of my teachers agreed it was unessecary to push us that far they still did it. So anyway I asked for a room swap and they didn't swap me even though they were literally swapping the lower band classes. Another thing I hate about this school, they reward bad behavior. Me a top mark student gets yelled at for having the audacity to stand up for myself while they buy lunch for and cosy up with the guy who swears at all his teachers and tried to stab someone last week. Honestly the double standard in the school is obvious and I'm sick of it.
Jun 20, 2021

Strict school

This school expects everyone to be head over heels smart and when it comes to open day they always pick topband kids that they think look good for school pictures and that are smart enough, I think that everyones voices deserve to be heard even if you arent the smartest it doesnt make you any less human, the health teachers alwasy say how you should express yourself in feeling and looks but its pretty hard to do that when you arent aloud coloured or unatural hair and the boys have to have it cut above the shirt collar, and when we do speak about how we feel the school just doesnt have it. This school is mostly supportive to sports and always give rewards and attention to sport players but never any academic rewards or anything. The school does push you to be your best in school but sometimes they expect way to much from you. The music department is one of the only places that are welcoming to every academic level and dont judge you for it. Some of the teachers are really rude and disrespectful to students, if your skirt is just above your knees or if your face needs shaving or if your hair needs cutting they be sure that you know about it whether its infront of alot of people or if you get pulled out of class. The school when it comes to bullying instead of trying to help the victim they make it out that it was your fault for trusting or interacting with the bully. If you want to go to a school where its based on being very smart and very sporty then this place is for you, but in my opinion they need to lower their expectations
May 9, 2021


It’s a decent school but really need to take students mental health seriously and get better councillors and see ALL STUDENTS no matter what the problem they have, teacher aids need to STOP being so controlling and same with the teachers... this school is too strict and care too much on appearance etc more than your education and well being.
Oct 26, 2020

Good School

Good school I enjoy attending it, didn’t enioy the sports day/interhouse thing this year, liked it last year.
Oct 12, 2020

Okay experience

It’s is not that inclusive I mean they try to be which is good but they only care about sports especially rugby. (Can get away with a lot of things). They also don’t care about being expressive and having a voice. I don’t feel that comfortable being there sometimes especially in the junior years after I struggled with some issues they just told me to go to the councillor which didn’t help. They need to have some mental health resources which would more do with the educational system. Some teachers are cool and supportive. Others aren’t, are very judgmental, harsh and need to think of their students. They have some good subject options though. Year 10 camp was also a highlight here. I guess it is just school.
Sep 28, 2020

An absolute zoo🤝

Don’t recommend, truly a dissatisfying experience. Wouldn’t send my dog here❤️
Sep 14, 2020

A fair school in my personal opinion.

Honestly isn't a lot I can say about FAHS. I personally have had a fairly well experience with the school thus far, but unfortunately cannot say the same for others.
Sep 1, 2020

Smelly school 🧑🏻‍🦲💋

Very bad teachers! Don’t think you’ll be able to get the wrong earnings past them! how dare you wear a slightly too big earring ❤️ Overall the rules are extremely illogical, for example taking your jackets and scarves off inside? and i’m not even going to get started on the hair rules. Heavy focus on punishment rather than dealing with issues in depth.
Aug 29, 2020

Great School

I think it’s a great school. The teacher’s are all supportive and offer support to you whenever you need it. The opportunities are great and they’re are many. Fahs incorporates everyone’s culture.
Churcher Street, Unknown, Feilding
Nathan Stewart
06 323 4029

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