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Apr 17, 2024

Good school for normal GIRLS

I personally think Epsom Girls Grammar is a great school, because most teachers are amazing and the horrible ones are all old relievers. I think if your daughter is a normal girl who isn't a woke BO smelling leftist, you should send her here. However, if your daughter is caught up in woke stuff its best not to send her here because the faculty encourages this behaviour. It's not their fault, if they don't they will have a bunch of people calling them bigots.

The education here is pretty good, and we do have many clubs that suit everyone. I have been here for two years and I don't think the school itself has done anything wrong, because if they did they probably did it out of fear incase leftists started attacking them.

Our school has many sports, so if your girl comes to this school make sure she signs up for at least one sport. Trust me, the sports club are pretty neat.

Tips if you are going to go to this school:
1) Bring body spray. The bathrooms stink, and it's good to have a spray to cover up the smell after you poo.
2) Don't vape. Vaping may seem fun, but it's honestly cringe.
3) Avoid the BO smelling pink haired leftists.
4) Study before your exams, it's better to get Excellence than Achieved.
5) Don't be a leftist autist.
6) Don't be a weirdo, if you scream randomly and make guttural sounds in the hallways while tap dancing you WILL get bullied.
Apr 8, 2024


not really a good school very over hyped
Oct 24, 2023

Good school for normal girls

This school isn't as bad or good as people say, it's a pretty average experience if you are a normal student. I haven't had many problems as my grades are good and I have a good tutor class, but here's a few things I'll talk about:

LGBTQ Students:

I have noticed the teacher seem to treat the LGBTQ students better, such as giving them more uniform privileges such as wearing their personal jumpers, and letting them have abnormally dyed and cut hair. One of the teachers allegedly faced disciplinary action for addressing her class as 'ladies', and a trans student complained. I feel that is so unfair, seeing as this is an all girl's school. The faculty is saying they accept all genders, which is weird because this is an all girl's school? At this point, they may as well make Epsom Girl's co-ed seeing as half the students aren't even girls anymore.

Racist and rude teachers:

I've had a fair share of terrible teachers at Epsom Girls, and I have noticed they are all old white morbidly obese women. They are rude to the students unnecessarily, and I have noticed they target the international students and pick on them. However, most of them were substitutes so it's unlikely you'll get an old fatty as a teacher for the full year.

Education Quality:
The education is alright, its pretty generic but I am in a mathematics extension class, and the material we learn is way too simple. I'm not sure if this is because Epsom's grades are dropping and they are making things easier, or if this is the same in all schools.

Overall opinion:

This school's main problem is that it is becoming severely 'woke', and encouraging these abnormal behaviours is damaging to our girls and feeding into their delusions. But if your child is perfectly normal, and doesn't struggle with studying then I would recommend sending your girl here(emphasising on girl). If your child is one of those LGBTQ fanatics, I suggest sending her to MAGS as they don't encourage that nonsense as much as Epsom Girls.
Aug 22, 2023

Y'all complaining are they/them/xe/xem furries.

Honestly, all you people complaining about the homophobia and racism are all D-block furries who all claim they have trauma from being 'misgendered'. All you people getting bullied deserve it, seeing as most of you are probably they/thems mouth breathers who wear rainbow socks and go around demanding people to celebrate pride month. You people need to grow up. Most of the people complaining about the transphobia and homophobia are complete idiots. You do realise that half of the girls are queer seeing as this is an all girls school? No one hates gay people, and no one cares. And all this 'transphobia' from most students isn't because you're trans. It's because you are an attention seeking snowflake who cries over the uniform, throws a hissy fit when 'misgendered'. Most of your personalities are bland and boring because your entire existence revolves around LGBTQ and being woke. You guys seriously need a reality check, so I will say this in the nicest way possible. This school is an ALL GIRLS SCHOOL. There are other schools you could have gone to, but you chose here. The whole reason why our school is an ALL GIRLS SCHOOl is because of biological differences from boys. Faculty, stop being woke and defend this schools traditions if you don't want this school to be a laughing stock.This school isn't anything extremely special, but one thing is that the education isn't so bad if you actually do your work. School isn't that hard people, just hand in your homework and thats all. You won't get bullied if you don't prance around demanding people to officially accept trans-males into this ALL GIRLS SCHOOL and cry when someone calls you 'she' when you literally look like a girl.
Aug 16, 2023

Smoky toilets

This school is good in the fact that you have a lot of options and there are some nice people and some good teachers, but thats where it ends. Notice I said some. I'll leave the rest of that some up to your imagination, but I can fill in some blanks.

The toilets are absolutely revolting. If its not unapropriate graffiti its broken toilet seats, broken doors, horrendous smells or blocked toilets. Most of the time you have to wait in a line for at least 7 minutes because there will be 9 girls stuffed in one stall vaping or making a tik tok. Most of the times when you walk out of the bathroom the air is smoky and you can probably imagine why. I know that this is a reflection on the types of students that attend EGGS, but teachers and deans don't seem to give two damns and have no control as a result of not being able to enforce it. All they have done so far is stick pretty blue posters about not vaping in the toilet stalls and talk to us about "toilet ettiquette".

The few young teachers who are good are mostly only staying at school as a temporary thing before they go to Australia for better oppurtunities. Unless you want ur kid to end up sitting in classes doing nothing I would not recommend EGGS
Jun 15, 2023

I hate it here

very bad, wouldn’t recommend. the bathrooms are vile and the uniform is unreasonably overpriced
Jun 15, 2023

average school

kinda mid, some teachers just dont care but like whatever lol
food there is so expensive as well and the fact they dont care if we had a reason to do something + active homophobia in some teachers (they dont even try to hide it)

also pls let me wear my unicorn socks to school. they're cool.
Jun 15, 2023

Bad school

There is a lot of bad people at the school and you can get bullied severely.Teachers & deans don't do anything about students being bullied.
Apr 29, 2023

This school is not as good as people say

This school is not as good as everyone says it is. There are a few good teachers, especially in music, drama, and English but bad teachers overbalance good, and a bad teacher can make your life living hell. None of the teachers bothers with teaching anything and prefers to make you do worksheets etc. Most of them are retired oldies who were called back into school because of the shortage of staff. None of the teachers seems to care about you beyond the fact that you might be wearing an extra stud. Half the people there either wag or vape and the teachers do nothing about bullying. The school seems keen on keeping its "good?" reputation and boasts about students' achievements which they had no part in encouraging.

The uniform is goodish since you do have more than just the option of skirts. It's nice that you get quite a range of choices in subjects.

The bathrooms are disgusting! You can smell the bathrooms as soon as you walk into d block. There is graffiti, broken toilet seats, rubbish, and toilet paper everywhere and people seem to think that it's fine to meet for a vape in the toilet. Most of the time I have to wait around 10 minutes in line to go to the bathroom because people are filming tik toks and the only available bathrooms have broken doors. I would not recommend going to the tuck shop unless you want to end up broke.
Mar 14, 2023

false reviews, stop complaining please 🤡

Hi everyone, all the negative comments on here are from emos who complain about uniform because they get told off for rainbow coloured hair. this school is FAR from being one of the worsts. I have had one bad teacher in my years here and other than that, good interactive teachers who care for us. I wear slight changes in the correct uniform like multiple earrings, necklaces and black socks and not once have I been told off. If your being bullied it’s probably up to you to stop being weird. let it be a lesson. I have not heard of outrages racism and homophobia??? a lot of people would prefer eggs to other schools. stop dying your hair then crying when teachers notice it. we are the cutest little community of lovely women, our uniform is nice. The reviews on this are from students who are mad their failing classes but are probably wagging every second one to go vape. go to class and be nice to the teacher and they’ll be nice back? stop drastically breaking dress code then complain when you get in trouble. you know there’s rules so follow them. thanks 🫶🫶🫶🫶
Feb 17, 2023

The Truth

Epsom Girls Grammar is seen as a very prestigious school with high standards however it is far from. I’m in year 11 this year and within 11 months we’ve had 4 school fights. Parents have never been notified about them whether their daughter saw it or not, nothing. The girls there are very mean, if you care about your daughters mental health just be wary we are like no other high school. This high school will most likely affect her heavy with a small chance it won’t. Epsom has good opportunities if you keep up in class but if you fall behind, you’re left behind. As much as the school tries to be “woke” and educate you about different cultures you will find some teachers still stereotypical as well as the girls. Very focused on races. Girls usually sit in groups based on race. We do have a good counselling team here though, go go along with the mental health issues it will give you’re daughter. Think carefully about you’re decision but know it is not all as it is made out to be.
Feb 13, 2023

Wouldn’t recommend for a calm, effective learning environment

Some teachers who teach at Epsom are the most kind and lovely teachers only looking for you to succeed. However these are a limited variety and most of the time you will end up with teachers who have less than proficient teaching skills or teachers with no patience for ill understanding of the work set.
This has set Epsom to be a negative learning environment for students causing very many students to stop participating and utilising the resources the decile 9 school provides.

Aswell as the teachers being sub-par the management is unorganised and some members of the faculty have claims by students to be racist.
The management is below standards considering the resources that EGGS has access to. Many times when needing to switch classes or get letters sent to university's etc, were not actioned until the deadline date unless being constantly badgered.

Overall Epsom has nice facilities like the stadium and newly renovated teaching blocks (mostly everything except the D block toilets) but is let down by teaching skills and faculty behaviour.
Feb 5, 2023

the faculty

being shamed for being raped

got bullied for being raped and according to the principal and deputy principal that was my fault. also miss milner rolled her eyes at me and said "allegedly" after telling her i was raped. i was 14.
Feb 4, 2023

Epsom girls grammar

Mould in D block
I don’t like school
Feb 4, 2023

Epsom Girls Grammar

The education isn’t that good and there is very poor help for students who are struggling as well as a problem with vaping and smoking. Teachers are not encouraging to students who are already struggling in the subject and expect students to learn without their help.

The main classroom building (D/E block) has poor insulation as well as some mould issues or something of the sort.

The uniform isn’t warm meaning students are very cold during winter seasons and the senior uniform shirt is see-through as well.
Feb 3, 2023

Great School

Good school, nice facilities and great opportunities
Former Student
Feb 1, 2023

A misleading and disappointing experience

The learning opportunities are amazing but the staff and rules are not. They focus too much on physical appearance of the students - uniform, hair, jewellery, etc that do not interfere with the students' learning capabilities or the school's 'public image'. The strict monitoring of this in turn hinders the students' learning and even mental health. The age they are at is critical for self discovery, experimentation and acceptance, and the strict and even racist restrictions they uphold do not mesh well with this development and have impacted many students' mental and even physical health, that their support resources can't even begin to unpack. Overall, while their reputation and recognition for their academic success of their students may be exceptional, for the majority of their attendees the experience is disappointing at the least. They must put more focus and research into the impact the rules have on the wellbeing of their beloved students. If your child is not displaying exceptional potential or acting out, they show little to no support or interest in their academics or general school life. A very disappointing experience for the high regard they hold their institute at. I hope to see at least an attempt at improvement in these areas.
Jan 31, 2023

It’s fine

Okay overall this school is fine - however if you don’t want to be involved in drama, or be bullied and harassed by teachers - STAY OUT OF THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT
Dec 5, 2022

Overall good school

My experience of Epsom Girls Grammar School:
Overall I really enjoy this school. Many people talk about how there is bullying and harassment issues but I think that really just depends on who you choose to hangout with. Personally all my friend's and I have had none of these experiences. I have made so many amazing friends here and I think this school is very friendly and challenging in a good way.
Dec 1, 2022

A mixed bag of nuts

EGGS is a mixed bag of nuts. The academics and variety of extracurricular are good and the teachers are ok, but there is some stuff that really needs to be sorted out. There is abelism, homophobia and racism among many students and teachers, and nobody wants to do anything about it! While there is a variety of students, these nasty bullies make your life unnenjoyable. Also, next to every student has depression and or anxiety. I wish EGGS would take time to listen to these problems and act better on them.
Oct 9, 2022

epsom girls is not it

student,dont attend..

The teachers are deathly rude and only care about the money,

i'm a slow learner, I've never been smart. my parents brought me to this school so I could be better educated after being in low decile schools my whole life, the teachers are no better than my previous schools, If i had a choice i'd pick teachers from my previous schools. The teachers at epsom girls dont make a comfortable learning environment at all, whenever im in class i feel like im running on pins and needles not even to say the teachers are intimidating because they aren't,..they just snap easily, your job is to teach, we are behaving good enough so why are you mad.. what else do you want, for us to massage your feet? The teachers standards are to high, creating "healthy" working habits that in turn will cause us to overwork and die.
Not just teachers having high standards alot make snarky and insensitive remarks and its really for the most dumbest things, they are also all blind lmao, they cant differentiate between a Chinese and korean or a tongan and samoan.

dean is pretty unhelpful she doesnt care about racism, when the students make racist remarks they overlook it and give them what a one day suspension and its crazy because they love to preach how woke they are. if u dont condone or want anything like racism in ur school then get rid of it.

The students are cool especially my friends s/o to them, some students are racist every school has them, some students are rich and entitled most schools have them, and some students are just favourited not me i wish

2/10 two cus im not mean like your teachers, if i were like them 1/10
Jul 19, 2022

run, don't walk.

advice from a student:
if youre thinking about enrolling here, don't.
R U N.
students = TOXIC, teachers = most are in it for the money, deans = don't care about who you are, principal = cares only about image.
nobody at this school cares about solving problems like racism and homophobia, they sweep it under the rug to protect their image. it's probably why there's bs five star reviews under this page. believe me when i say that it's not like what these parents describe at all. take it from someone who's ACTUALLY attending (lord knows it's against my will).
toilets are, most of the time disgusting, and smell of vapes or are literally broken. education is great, if you're into high pressure and being treated like a number, because that's what you are when you enroll at this school.
the only thing this school has is extra curricular activites. but i'll tell you right now, the majority of them aren't thanks to teachers. they're thanks to students who make functioning groups for themselves. the ones that are made by teachers, such as netball teams, aren't properly managed nor are players put in fair teams. there is little thought behind lineups, and it's as if they just put anyone anywhere. because of this, players are at different levels, and it's hard to work as a team and even win games. not to mention, teams are managed by students, rather than adults, and because of this, some students don't care about properly managing their team. they also have hectic schedules, which means often they don't show up or have to leave during games. it's a waste of money. it's a waste of time.
ain't it funny that the best thing about this school isn't done by teachers? i mean, comical even.

overall, save yourself a trip to a therapist and go somewhere else. it's not worth the extra curricular stuff to come here. there's just more cons.

p.s - you can think i'm being dramatic if you want, and if so be my guest. do enroll. i dare you. i would love to see how long you stick it out in the shark pit.

- a man with many regrets
Jun 17, 2022


May 13, 2022

Ugly trousers uniform at EGGS

The long trousers uniform at EGGS looks so ugly and weird. I would never wear those long trousers to school since it looks funny
Dec 8, 2021

10/10 would not recommend

Coming from a student of five years, if you are thinking about enrolling your daughter, keep in mind you will also have to enrol her into therapy. The school is a hell hole, majority of the teachers are despicable & the Students are depressed.
I’ve had a couple of amazing teachers in the art department & english department, but sadly the bad ones outweigh the good ones.
The suicide coverups, the teacher-student scandals, the straight up racism & the lack of encouragement is all but enough to send you walking the other way. If you’d like your daughter to leave high-school with a great education & her mental well-being in tact, I suggest you go somewhere else.
They will not help you if you’re being bullied or harassed. THEY DO NOT CARE. As long as their reputation is squeaky clean they could not give less of a damn about you.

I really do mean the best with this review, it really is a terrible place for a young girl to grow up in.
Former Student
Oct 6, 2021

this school was horrible

horrible. certain teachers pick on the students and belittle them to the point where they wont show up. rowing and friends was the only thing that kept me at EGGS for nearly 2 years, deans did nothing, teachers were rude. the only good teachers i had an amazing tutor teacher, yr 10 science teacher, and yr 10 health/pe teacher and they were the only classes i was ever willing to go to, most girls at eggs tend to wag the classes alot because of these teachers.
Mar 20, 2021


Full review

Overall, Epsom girls is definitely not the worst school on the block. It has its ups and its downs.

1. The eggs students:
There is a large variety of types of people, as long as you find your people that make you happy and motivated you’ll enjoy yourself and be motivated. The problem is the toxicity of a lot of eggs students which make this difficult to achieve, there is a lot of drama, gossip, rumour and things like that within friend groups making it not a pleasant environment. In my opinion eggs definitely has more toxicity than other schools, but that is solely the students issue.

2. Covering up incidents:
Eggs is historically one of the best schools in auckland and the school will do anything in its power to keep its name clean and out of the dirt. There have been countless incidents of extreme racism aswell as causal everyday rasims by the students, homophobia by students and teachers, teacher and student relationships, drug abuse, and suicides. All not very well known about because these things would negetivly impact the reputation of the school. I do understand it to an extent as it is important to try to keep a good image, but not to the extent that eggs has gone to completely hide everything. I would love to see some initiative from eggs and see them address issues.

3. Teachers:
There are lots of teachers who are passionate about teaching and educating the next generation to thr best of their abilities, there is also an equal number of teachers who obviously have lost their passion for this and only do the bare minimum, not even teaching, giving worksheets, not answering questions, ect. This creates a big unbalanced in learning across different subjects and makes my learning different from my friends who have different teachers which will affect my marks which I don’t think is fair. Eggs has also made thr achievement standards super, this is how they have achieved the fact that eggs has a much higher passing rate than every other school.

4. School pride:
There is a big lack of school pride. Nobody wears the correct uniform and no teachers seem to care. Most people’s first thoughts when they say they attend eggs is “I know right it’s such a bad school”
Nov 14, 2020


I had such a terrible experience regarding our school lives. Some of the teachers are really unfriendly and they just work for their living without passion. They also lack their abilities in teaching. However, it is true that there are great teachers as well who are passionate. This shows how big the gap is between teachers, and it is only luck that gives the student a good education or not.
However, my biggest concern comes from the dean of this school. Deans pretend to solve problems of students such as bullying and harassment but end up talking back of those students with other deans and counsellors without the student's permission even though they clearly stated that it will be confidential. Therefore, they are giving lots of anxieties to students.
I hope EGGS become way better regarding these problems before I graduate.
Former Student
Nov 14, 2020

Hope you don't go to this school.

I had attended this school back in 2017 to 2018 and was such a horrible experience. Even though my friends there was nice, teachers lose their passion and only sought for money. Not only that, deans try to be friendly but talkback on the students with counsellors. They also do not implement stuff that they say they will do. They also exaggerate how EGGS is such a great school and they only care about the school's reputation, instead of the student's wellbeing. I hope Epsom Girls' Grammar School is not like this anymore and made some improvements.
Nov 13, 2020

It’s ok

This school is ok. In terms of academics, it’s good. But really depends on what teacher you land on. Some teachers are slack off and only teach you achieved level so I had to do soo much more work and effort to get excellence but most teachers are great (for me).

I’m not happy with how they deal with bullying, racism, homophobia and shit like that though. They sweep everything under the rug and pretend nothing is going on and shut people up who tries to stand up because they don’t want their reputation damaged. They really need to get their priorities right. Like in one incidence they had a video addressing about something serious in terms of cyber bullying because a very serious incident happened but they went on saying people can’t wear the school uniform in social media posts in the same video.
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