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7 reviews

Former Student
Aug 10, 2021

Its not a bad school honestly

yeah half the teachers are like half sexist... girls can do as much as boys. the thing i dont understand about the other review/s is about mt albert campus. personally i went to botany but i guess there seem to be lgbtqia+ people there, and i understand why the teachers wouldn’t necessarily like it. its a christin school, what do you expect. overall the school is meh, so so
Aug 10, 2021

Just a school like any other

I’d say that the school is pretty cool. Yes, it isn’t the most resourceful nor the biggest school, but it has a good reputation. The school will not force students into religion, and most students and teachers will understand that not all students are Christian. They will encourage you to go to church and stuff since you do attend a Christian school, and they expect Christians to go. Sporting wise is ok, there are many talented students who are top in say Auckland, but they leave after intermediate to go to a better college. You can get into any sports team that you want, since they often have a lack of players. Mainly the boys teams have big trials as the boys will win most of their sports. The school has great team spirit and is extremely encouraging. Ive been to Elim most of my life, and they have taught me good lessons. Some teachers are bad, but most are good, like every school.
Former Student
Feb 18, 2021

Ex Yr 13

It's not the school I'd send my kids to

Botany Campus is way better than Mt Albert Campus by a mile, but both still fall into the category of "poor". Less subject options, overly religious, homophobic, transphobic, and the teachers really want to push the anti-LGBTQ propaganda on you. In Mt Albert Campus, the rainbow students are wary of their teachers and I never felt safe there. Some teachers were decent, they teach fine. The teachers that are unbearable though? They're the ones who believe that only boys do the heavy lifting. Lowkey sexist.
Oct 20, 2020

Elim lmao

Yea it’s alright a little bad but not terrible terrible
Sep 14, 2020

A review from a year 10 student.

It has been alright, but the middle school isn't that great compared to the high school.
Sep 11, 2020


Pretty mediocre, 50% cool staff
Terrible facilities, limited subject options but cool people. No grass.
Solid assemblies
Former Student
Aug 26, 2020

Its ok i guess

Some of the teachers are cool. Campus kinda sucks.

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