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Former Student
Dec 19, 2023

if i could rate this school a 0, i would do it in a heartbeat.

out of the few schools i've been to, this was easily the WORST. i'm not even 18, and even i can tell that elim is a terrible school. students don't get taught proper sex education, they just get told to "not have sex" and the teachers expect that to be enough. students also get off the hook for homophobia and racism ALL THE TIME. teachers at this school aren't any better, being very open about their dislike for the LGBTQ+, refusing to mention gay people in their history classes in historic events they were involved in, or even mentioning gay people at all. i see a few people here excusing this school's homophobia and transphobia because "elim is a christian school with christian values". so i ask you, does that mean they can let their students and teachers completely annihilate their peers just for liking the same sex aka something they can't help? that's straight up ridiculous. homophobia and transphobia completely go against the "love your neighbors as you love yourself" rule that you hypocrites believe in anyways. students don't even get in trouble for calling someone a slur, just get let off with a warning. the christians here are also incredibly hateful towards anyone who's not christian. elim claims this school is open to anybody, christian or not, but then have a MASSIVE bias towards their christian students. non christians are treated like dirt and less than, while the christians are treated like star students that can do absolutely no wrong. elim is no way near as loving as they claim to be. if you are actually a good person with good values, you would not send any of your children anywhere near this place.
Oct 31, 2023


I honestly cant believe people are so mad over the school because its homophobic, but honestly, Its a literal christian school. That's the only part i'm defending the school but the rest is horrible. One time I waved my hand at my friend, and the teacher went completely bonkers because of it. I can't believe why they even hired that teacher. My friend had a different experience at the school because shes black. The teachers at the school treat her very differently, and it feels so upsetting to see someone cry. Some students are so rude. They're racist, they swear, they talk over teachers, I've seen it all. The only time they make a difference is when the "scary" teacher is around, and the kind teacher as well, they treat them so respectfully. But to other teachers, they just ditch their rules and talk behind the teacher's back. I don't even know why they got accepted in the school, they should be banned. The fact that they are not even grateful that they're in the school, there's literally a ton of people in the waiting list.
Oct 27, 2023

I'm telling you, do not send your kid here.

When it comes to writing this review i honestly don't know where to start.

--------------> if you ask a student who as been going to this school their entire life and never had any experience in another school, even they would know how bad this school actually is. <----------------

let me start off with the teachers, i'm going to be honest and say that alot of these teachers actually suck (apart from the few teachers that i love and really respect, i am not thinking of them when i say the following things). They are completely biased and only care about their reputation to the rest of the world. I have plenty of examples of when these teachers have gaslighted kids, broke their own rules and have made biased decisions in many situations.

Now with the students. I have a few friends here that i love and have learnt a lot from. But a lot of the students here are very witty . And there are also quite a few kids that vape and i wouldn't be surprised if there were people who did worse. otherwise the students here aren't too bad i know that the students can be a-lot worse in other places. But don't think thats this schools going to be totally different just because it's labeled christian.

I know that most parents send their children here hoping for a christian education and to get their child closer to God but being here has honestly sometimes made me question some of the beliefs i have.
Oct 26, 2023

This is why you should NOT send your child to elim

I think it's safe to say this school is not amazing. First of all, there are an extremely little about of option subjects. Second of all, teachers are bias to "mentally ill" children, and never listen to the other student's complaints. Third of all, there are 3 assemblies a week. This may not seem that bad, but trust me, it isn't fun to sit there cramped with your class listening to teachers scold us for littering.
I think it's completely unfair how MANY of the teachers only listen to one side of the story. To the teachers, whoever is crying is the more vulnerable person in the situation, and they need "special attention." Just because someone isn't visibly hurting, doesn't mean you aren't hurting inside. And it makes the situation a whole lot worse when the teacher takes the other student's side and not yours, after not listening to your side of the story.
Also, this so called "semi private" school is slowly turning into a public school. Students draw on the walls, blast loud music at lunch, get into full on fights, and so much more. And the worst part? The teachers scold EVERYONE for something only A FEW people are doing. It wastes time and makes students feel guilty for something they didn't even do. We could be doing something so much more
Next, recently our school had a fundraiser and raised about 42,000$ to buy us shade for our playground and stuff. Literally more than a term after this fundraiser took place, we're still sitting here, with NO shade. And what's worse, the shade is currently being built in the ONE place student's aren't allowed to go. How on earth does that work?
Elim claims that they're a "christian" school, but there is no use saying that when a lot of the students run around swearing, joking about demons, and calling themselves atheists. Teaching us about Jesus does NOT mean that students are going to take in the information.
Lastly, the education this school is providing us with is not relevant to what we'll need in the future. They are so worried about teaching us about "Aroha" and "kaitiakitanga," they forget to teach us about useful things we'll actually need when we're older. Like taxes, applying for jobs, etc.
If you're looking to send your child to a school, based on my personal experience, for you and your child's sake, do not choose elim.
Oct 17, 2023

Run while you still can

The school only care for their own reputation, teachers cannot be bothered to actually help out the students, all ever they do gaslight you even if you actually need help. This school could be so much better with good teachers, no teacher ever admits they are wrong and never says sorry. They don't think students have an opinion, or a mental health. They take in "problematic students" to up their reputation, but they don't care how a student is affecting another student, I am talking from experience. All the teachers only listen to one side of the story, not the actual problem. There are 3 assemblies every week, and they use all the money to pay their own bills and not to help the students. We're literally getting mentally DESTROYED and teachers cant care because all they need is their paycheck. The teachers are rubbish here, the students are rubbish here. None of us are disciplined, and you can basically get the same quality school at a public school. Teachers abuse their power, and they don't actually care what happens. I don't feel safe here at all. dont send your kids here.
May 23, 2023

Elim school

It's pretty mid tbh, classrooms are big and all but 90% of the school is glass, if there is a school shooter- they see through all the classrooms.
May 23, 2023

i feel bullied

3 assemblies is a form of bullying as it is a repetitive activity that causes discomfort.
May 23, 2023

i love elim

I love elim but nobody in the school has touched grass since 2017
May 19, 2023

i love elim dont insult my school :angry:

im christian and this is a christian school its in the name get it right

Personally what are the other reviews on about. "homophobic transphobic" Nahh that's crazy maybe that's because it's a Christian school with Christian values....... "overly religious" there's no such thing as overly religious unless you aren't religious- there's 1 worship assembly a week and that is too much for you- are the Christian kids singing Christian songs promoting Christian values too much for you? Is the teacher playing Christian background music during class too religious for you? Maybe don't go to a Christian school then.. I would send my kids to Elim Y0-8.
Former Student
Apr 13, 2023

Useless school

Do not go here!!!! You or your kids future will be destroyed! Hungry money making cult!
Feb 22, 2023

Actually a decent school, better than big public schools for sure.

I actually really like Elim. From what I hear, all the kids who've moved schools say Elim's bullying is pretty much 0 compared to what they used to see and experience. Although the school is small, that means that most people know most people, and it's nice knowing who is who. Student culture is pretty inclusive naturally, and most students respect the Christian aspect of school even if they aren't Christian themselves. Assemblies 3 times a week is mid but that's alright. Most of the teachers nowadays are chill and down to Earth. School is gated off (Golflands) completely so there's little chance of escape during the day, especially with security cameras. Bathrooms are really clean compared to what I've seen at other schools. Overall, primary years are amazing, middle school is alright, high school is questionable but still not that bad compared to public school.
Feb 19, 2023

Don’t go there

This is a terrible school, Would not send your kids there especially the Mt Albert campus, they only care about how your kids look and it is an underdeveloped school especially for the price. Students there are immature and closed minded. This school teaches kids to be judgmental and to be controlled under a dictatorship. The teachers there are homophobic and racist
Feb 2, 2023

Kids here are wild

This is a great school with good education, you can do whatever you want basically. Girls vape in the bathroom and we all are on our phones and the teachers don't notice. It's a chill place but there are a few a holes. But apart from that it's a cool school. They have lunches every day that taste great, the staff can be very biased sometimes. They offer alot of sports, alot of drama but apart from that all up a good school.
Oct 26, 2022

Overall experience

I feel the school takes the school fees and don't discipline kids, they leave it all up to the parents albeit the child is at school during day not at home...they send a student home fir not following school rules, the child is already failing terribly as there is no appointed truancy was a very bad decision to move my daughter from Howick College to Elim Botany campus. I am a devoted Christian but feel more broken after this experience...just really disappointed 😞
Sep 15, 2022

its cool and other reviews are a bit overexagerrated

is cool bc u can get into whatever u like bc standards are so low and theres like 2 classes per year its ez to beat the others if ur slightly good at smth. kids are cool ig but theres too much swearing nowadays chrsitians just think its cool to swear idk. teachers are ok some are amaizng some are the worst people alive. mr froud btw is the most sexist racist homophobic teacher ive ever met in my life i hope they fire t=him he is so biased. some teachers play favs and when they do its so obvious a blind person could see it. school is sometimes disorganised too. the christain culture doesnt exist outside of assemblies and worship stuff. overall all the reviews are too harsh bc who reviews a school if its just normal or goodish. but yea some people like it and some people dont. there are 0 bullies bc its just too small to have bullies. people look down on you if u vape bc thats just stupid. the school is just a bit small but thats fine. they banned vpns which i get but like anyone could make the excuse of "i feel unsafe when no vpn" so like yeah ppl use hoxx vpn or whatever to game and discord. anyway yeah thats my review - current student at golflands
Former Student
Aug 20, 2022

I’d avoid this school at all costs

(100% honest review done by a student who's been there for several years)

FYI started there in year 7 (2016), left in year 10 (2019) so have 4 years of experience, I have a couple friends at this school

Honestly the way the school promotes themselves deceive you, it's displayed as a diversely accepting school with the goal of educating students not just in basic school subjects but getting closer to Jesus.

Unfortunately I didn't get the experience that I would've liked. Teachers were incredibly self centered, disrespectful and obviously weren't passionate about their jobs, more so only focused on about taking your phone 😒😒. First off, some of them spent most of the time speaking irrelevant information during class time, taking away precious project time that they were adamant in not giving back. Had a couple experiences of racism and total disregard to anything I had to say (basically shut off any ideas). They have a student voice system which is practically useless as the teachers only care about what they want, there is a total disconnect between students and teachers with an immediate shutdown from staff and faculty. Then they have the audacity to tell us when we talk in class "do you want us to treat you like adults or what??".

Now students, I have made maybe a couple friends at this school who I'm still in contact with today. However most of the people here are obviously very sheltered and immature. If you don't agree with people there, you're often shunned and treated like an outcast. Majority of the racism and homophobia comes from the students, the very ones that scold you for saying anything remotely considered to be a "swear word".

The school system and management was pretty poor to say the least. No structure in both curriculum and co-curriculars for the little few subjects available. Sporting events often had 1 practice session before an actual tournament, there the school is only shamed for having the most incompetent teams. Some subjects, the curriculum was changed multiple during year making the yearly planner absolutely useless. Personally I had a math's class where I received 5 different teachers that year. Goes to show the lack of qualification at this school.

The school financial situation wasn't any better. Funds were only going to the church with little to nothing going to the school. For a school that has 13,000 students currently there charging $3,000 a year for a student, you'd think they'd have more funds to work with. Sure they need to pay the staff and faculty but still nothing is given to the students. Funds mostly go to the juniors at the golflands campus, giving them new science and technology classrooms and equipment where my year group got practically nothing.

To sum things up, I would not recommend putting your child in this school. Personally it drove me away from Christianity (later returned to church on my own accords) which was sad to see as this school had so much potential, only for it to be thrown down the drain. I really tried to enjoy my time here and sometimes the only fun i'd have is with my mates but other than that, i'd come home wishing I wouldn't have to go into class the next day. I do believe that maybe one day this school will learn from its mistakes and put in more effort to make it what they propose this school to be. As of the time I left (2019) nothing has changed according to my mates and if anything has only gotten worse but that's for them to say.

Giving this school a 1 star review is already generous enough, if there was an option for 0 then i'd definitely put that👎
Jun 1, 2022

Bye 🙄

If you go tot he teachers about something the gaslight you and make you feel bad so you shut up.
May 31, 2022


At my previous academy, I used to receive verbal and physical abuse from my teachers and I can say the teachers here at Elim are nothing like this at all. Although the downside to being a small school restricts a lot of subject choices, we still have the basics and the small numbers in class give teachers the ability to give every student attention, and follow up on where they are stuck. This is only my second year at Elim MAC campus, I was looking for a school where I could be normal and surround myself with friends who are kind and hold the same values. I was initially nervous to go to a new school but I can say that I easily welcomed! I have found the teachers to be supportive and helpful, one teacher who knows I have anxiety regularly checks up on me.
May 27, 2022

Other reviews are too harsh - Great Experience at Elim!!

I think this school gets a lot of bad unjustified negative reviews. I've been to three other schools in my life and have experienced bullying in previous schools, but here at Elim, the community there is great and the people and very welcoming. I think parents should send their children to Elim to learn how to have good character. All my friends are amazing, kind thoughtful and there for me even when my social battery runs out, they comfort me. The community is great if you want your children to be away from extreme bullying and be surrounded by helpful cheerful students. I am not going to neglect some poor things at the school as this is an honest review. I love the school dearly and have been here for a while, but my only issue is the lack of wider subject ranges, and if they are offered they are offered through Te Kura. But I do not have a prejudice towards the school for this, I understand and know it is a small school, so you should have the background knowledge that not all subject options are available, unlike other schools. However, the subjects that are offered here at Elim are the key important subjects, and the teachers are not as 'bad' that other reviews may say. The teachers are actually really amazing and work with individual students that track behind to help them reach their academic goals. Most of the students I know do very well and follow along in classes well, the learning is effective and the teachers are encouraging. I have so many treasured memories in this school and would recommend parents to send their students to Elim, whether it be junior, middle or high school, it is a safe, hard-working and encouraging environment for children to grow up and learn in.
May 26, 2022

Don’t send your kids here- from someone who’s been here my whole life

The teachers care WAY to much about their reputation, they only deal with bullying if it will effect their reputation (e.g one of the kids parents are friends with them or their parents are on the school board). Only 2 teachers are nice but the rest suck; their homophobic, transphobic, sexist, anti-vax etc. the school has so much money but they can't even provide enough tables for the students. The school cares too much about sports whist not providing them with good equipment all our equipment are old and broken. The library is the only good part the librarian is super nice and supports lgbtq and is overall amazing. The school talks so much about what they'll do in the future but never focuses on what happening right now. They lie to you, they say that it's a loving space where we can feel safe but they yell at you for asking questions and they try and gaslight you into thinking you are in the wrong. So many parents send their kids to this school because they think that they're become good Christian children but most people I've meet here are very skeptical of Christianity and to the few I've talked too they said that before they came to Elim they were 100% sure that god existed but after they came they became skeptical. They push false Christianity onto you, even though I'm not Christian all my Christian friends agree that this school sets a very bad example of Christianity they want us to be Christ-like but they are far from being Christ-like. Overall a very bad school is you want to send your kids to a school where they can get good Christian education try another school.
Former Student
May 26, 2022

Great culture and Academics

MAC campus is a great school. The teachers do care about the students and do their best to meet the individual needs of the students. Some of the teachers go above and beyond for their kids. There's a great community vibe and culture. They don't let you get away with anything but that's not really a bad thing. Academics are great.
May 18, 2022

I don’t like this place

The teachers are really homophonic and sexist. Like one time in social studies I said the word ‘gay’ and the teacher was like ‘no, no no.’ The teachers don’t deal with drama situations they just send it to the counsellor. I have on some occasions had teacher lie to me. Most of the good teachers left because they were anti vax and now we are stuck with the leftover teacher. Some teachers that stayed aren’t that bad but some are just a big no. The teachers are so oblivious to how students act during break times. The only decent part of this school is the counseller and the library.
May 18, 2022

big no no

don't like this school because the teachers are homophobic, especially to my lgbtq+ friends
Feb 21, 2022

Elim Christian College

This school is terrible, the teachers are racists, and they only care about the school's reputation rather than the mental health of the students. Don't bring your kids here.
Feb 11, 2022

MAC campus

MAC campus is the best, just face it.
Nov 30, 2021


My child had a terrible experience at this school. I am so glad that they've moved schools, they hated every moment at this school. There were homophobic, racist staff at this school who judged my child. My child would come home crying sometimes and they would fake sick just so they wouldn't have to go. I think this is completely UNACCEPTABLE and something NO CHILD should EVER go through no matter their colour or sexuality. I am absolutely DISGUSTED by this school. I will NOT be recommending this school to ANYONE. For anyone considering this school all I can say is do NOT go here PLEASE. The only good thing about this school is the students and being able to get in teams (which there aren't many of). TERRIBLE TEACHERS THOUGH (some)
Sep 21, 2021

Don’t recommend

I’m a year 12 student and the truth is that although there are some great students and a few great teachers there, they don’t really care about you. The teachers are more worried about your uniform or phones but most of all they care about their reputation. They look after their own staff and reputation more than anything. If you were to complain about a teacher not teaching you anything they would try and make it seem like it were your fault, they would defend the teacher and refuse the truth. If there were to be any bullying they wouldn’t do a thing, but if something bad were to be said about a teacher they would take immediate action and contact your parents or something like that, or send you to the principals office to have a 'talk' with them. Then while you were there they would pressure you into answering things or admitting you were wrong even if you weren’t. Not all the teachers are terrible but the management of the school is. They don’t push you academically to do better and if you’re a bit more advanced they would almost ignore your needs and wait for the rest of the class to catch up with you, just like I am in science. They also don’t offer many sports, they offer maybe basketball, football, netball, table tennis and a few more. They’re also extremely homophobic and they tell us how wrong it is, but then also tell us that this is how God made us and that we should be proud of who we are and express ourselves. They also are a bit racist towards brown/black/Asians, almost every staff is white. The only reason I’m here is because of the amazing students and friends I have, I’m happy that I’ve only got about a year left at this school.

To conclude :

•The staff only care about the schools reputation and themselves

•There isn’t many opportunities, public schools offer a lot more for free.

•If you value academics this isn’t the school for you.

•Slightly racist

Former Student
Aug 10, 2021

Its not a bad school honestly

yeah half the teachers are like half sexist... girls can do as much as boys. the thing i dont understand about the other review/s is about mt albert campus. personally i went to botany but i guess there seem to be lgbtqia+ people there, and i understand why the teachers wouldn’t necessarily like it. its a christin school, what do you expect. overall the school is meh, so so
Aug 10, 2021

Just a school like any other

I’d say that the school is pretty cool. Yes, it isn’t the most resourceful nor the biggest school, but it has a good reputation. The school will not force students into religion, and most students and teachers will understand that not all students are Christian. They will encourage you to go to church and stuff since you do attend a Christian school, and they expect Christians to go. Sporting wise is ok, there are many talented students who are top in say Auckland, but they leave after intermediate to go to a better college. You can get into any sports team that you want, since they often have a lack of players. Mainly the boys teams have big trials as the boys will win most of their sports. The school has great team spirit and is extremely encouraging. Ive been to Elim most of my life, and they have taught me good lessons. Some teachers are bad, but most are good, like every school.
Former Student
Feb 18, 2021

Ex Yr 13

It's not the school I'd send my kids to

Botany Campus is way better than Mt Albert Campus by a mile, but both still fall into the category of "poor". Less subject options, overly religious, homophobic, transphobic, and the teachers really want to push the anti-LGBTQ propaganda on you. In Mt Albert Campus, the rainbow students are wary of their teachers and I never felt safe there. Some teachers were decent, they teach fine. The teachers that are unbearable though? They're the ones who believe that only boys do the heavy lifting. Lowkey sexist.
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159 Botany Road, 2010, Auckland
Murray Burton
09 538 0368

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