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May 7, 2024

Sub-par schooling

Bullying runs amok in this school, with minimal consequences if students are caught. As a student here, I can confirm several instances of bullying in the classroom are casually dismissed by the teachers and staff. A lot of students leave the school early to pursue a better schooling/education. Students that excel in schoolwork will not always receive the harder work they need to thrive. If you are planning to enrol your child in this school, please consider any other options before going through.
Aug 20, 2023

Lies, cover ups and bullying

Do not send your children here. The maths and science teachers are so useless the kids are so far behind their peers when they get to uni they drop out because they can’t catch up. My kids cam from an average school and spent 2-3 years bored as they wrre still covering subject matter taught in yr 8 in year 10. The bullying is rife and the kids cant report it because the teachers gossip about the bullying to other pupils wnd teachers. The school motto is “snitches get stitches “ The teachers are bullys too. The school seems moe concerned with their reputation and sweeping issues under the rug than improving the students education. Its never going to change and the ero report is a lie… please… don’t make the same mistake… send them to Dunstan college or anywhere else!!
Apr 5, 2023


This school can make someone anyone like me feel usless. The bullying here is endless if you defend yourself you get in series truable. ever good thing they tell you about this school is a lie.
Former Student
Mar 1, 2023


The uniforms are atrocious the white tops get stains on them 24/7 they are very see-through the summer shorts for the girls are clown pants are so uncomfortable and ugly the winter uniform is so cold you are freezing with a jersey and jacket on, you feel so uncomfortable there the teachers are mean there is only a couple or actually nice teachers
Former Student
Feb 24, 2023

please try not to send your kids here.

Can confirm this school was an absolute living hellhole to go to. Bullying, sexual harassment, you name it. It was pretty much there. School did jack to stop any of it. The most they did was have 'anti-bullying speakers' come and that did nothing. I was here from y8-y13 and did not once enjoy my time here at all. Bully culture is real at this school and not much is done to prevent it. Be prepared to be punished if you're standing up for yourself🙃

If that doesn't frighten you, maybe some of the teachers will. Some of the teachers will go as far as to swear at the students and scream at them if class got bad. I understand teenagers are an absolute pain in the ass to deal with sometimes, but it's highly unprofessional and out of line to cuss and raise your voice loudly at them. I had an autistic friend who had behavioral issues, and our science teacher had enough and told him "I'm surprised you even have the brain cells on how to work a pen". Disgusting.
Feb 1, 2023


Teachers witness bullying in class and do nothing about it. Students are scared to ask other teachers for help because they’re Scared it’ll get worse.
Aug 5, 2021

Cromwell college the school of misery

They listen to the bullies and have the other "normal kids" get in trouble for what they do
and they don't give a stuff about the bullying
Aug 26, 2020

Cromwell college

They care more about a kid with the wrong socks on than a kid getting bullied their teachers target kids
Barry Avenue, 9310, Cromwell
Mason Stretch
03 445 1121

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