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Former Student
Dec 11, 2023

Girls high

Please don't send your child here if they are the slightest bit different or neurodiverse. The girls are snobby and petty, and are the judgiest people i've ever met. I've even been followed and harassed... i didnt feel safe in this enviroment ONE BIT. The teachers were also not focused on your wellbeing, and cared tremondously on your uniform. The only support i got here was from the counsellers department... i had to transfer schools. I advise you don't send a kid with autism or any difference or any girl at all here...
Jun 22, 2023


I don't like the school. I get stressed every single day, worrying about exams. Most teachers aren't nice at all. They don't care about your mental health. Many parents think Cghs is a great school, but it is terrible. At first, everything was great, until it was worse. The teachers would solve any problems for us. However, they don't. Someone was bullied and they did tell on the year advisor. But they said it wasn't their problem. They are supposed to help you when you don't feel well. And when we wear the wrong uniform, the teachers will scold you. I hate it here. I'm sorry but it's terrible
Former Student
Jan 27, 2023

Former student

I went to this school along time ago now however, I can say that hands down this was the worst 5 years of my life. Wouldn’t recommend you send your child here. Can not imagine it has changed much in the last 10 years. Educational and sporting opportunities were minimal, and the school had a bad bullying culture.
Feb 13, 2021

I dread everyday at that school

there is an expectation at girls high to be perfect ALL the time its so exhausting and I've been at the school long enough to know that it just doesn't change as you get older there. the school likes to say that it celebrates diversity and that people should embrace their differences but then refuses to acknowledge the blaten racism, homophobia and transphobia and do something about it. basically if you are 'different' at cghs girls high will never feel like a safe space. I was bullied for a big chunk of my year in year 10 and I told the school many many times and nothing was done about it until more people were noticing so I had to go to school where not only was I being bullied everyday but going to school knowing absolutely no one cared, none of my classmates, none of my teachers and definitely not the dean. with all that being said I do want to mention that some of the teachers have made my time at girls high bearable. I've found that the teachers in the English and science department have been all the ones that I've felt made me feel safe at school and worked hard not only to teach students the material but to get to know the students and relate to them a bit as people.
Oct 23, 2020

not a bad place

it depends on your teachers, i have had some fantastic teachers through my years and some terrible ones. the science department has some very strong teachers. the maths department however i really haven’t experienced this. I haven’t experienced any bullying but i know that some of my friends have. the school has a very big homophobia and transphobia problem. and i definitely think that the way year nines get integrated could be better. i remember finding it really hard to adjust even with a strong friendship group where i felt supported. Although when it came to some very challenging times in my life the school was very accommodating and i felt very very supported
Oct 5, 2020

Bad CGHS experience.

The teachers care more about teaching us then our mental health and we aren't allowed to wear more than two earrings in our ears or have our hair dyed, We aren't even allowed to wear our cardigans out on the street. This school is horrible and they care more about the appearance of the school than anything else. My friend was getting bullied and the teacher told her it's no reason to miss class but she was to scared to show up to class and instead of the school being kind and understanding and maybe just telling her off for missing class she got a detention and the girls that were bullying her got no punishment. Again they don't care about anyone and they never have time for everyone to go to the counselor's office. Terrible school.
Former Student
Sep 6, 2020

Ex students opinion

With the school being so big it means their is a large group of diverse students which is a good environment for young people.
I agree that the school has a big concern on grades rather than the well-being of students. There is a huge push on students to go to university even for those aren’t ready so they can push the narrative that their students are “successful”, which is not necessarily true as 90 percent of my classmates left their chosen university course within the first year after realising they were pushed by the school. it takes a strong girl to realise she is not the failure the school portrays if she chooses a different, not often traveled path.
Aug 29, 2020

Cghs high

It’s alright I would say tho there isn’t as much drugs etc than at the public schools and the rules are pretty strict
Aug 22, 2020

i hate it here

the heads of the school know what they want, however, they are very very very far from achieving it. the students don’t care one bit about the people teaching them, and the teachers who are supposed to be there and support their students will almost always turn a blind eye to everything negative until someone’s parents get involved, and they fear the schools reputation being ruined. newsflash, it was ruined a long time ago.
some of the teachers are gems, however out of all the subjects you take every year you’ll be lucky to get a single one of them. the councelling department has serious issues, i can’t use specific names but one of them is an amazing woman however the department as a whole needs serious improvements. the school focuses far too much on results rather than the actual wellbeing of the students. the health department is a joke. would not recommend, if you’re in zone for it you’re most likely in zone for other schools in the area, please choose one of the others.
10 Matai Street, 8011, Christchurch
Christine O'Neill
03 348 0849

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