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Former Student
Apr 11, 2024

absolute shift

the education and learning is garbage I never learnt anything at all because they never taught me anything I would just sit on the floor all day and nobody would even look at me the outdoor environment could be a lot better school info is very missleading safety and security is terrible you can cut your fingers off and the teachers won't notice at all indoor environment in just meh they usually have hardly any options of food if you don' have any yourself and the teachers are really really awful there are a couple of amazing ones though but the principal himself tried to make me die so fluff this school
Former Student
Jan 13, 2024

crappiest school ever

if I could use swear words I would use them they hated me there the repeditively stood me down over and over and over for no reasons and where there was a reason it was for "knocking over a chair" I wish I was joking my least year there I hardly spent any time at that school because I kept getting stood down for no reason and when I went there I was forced to take halfdays or more third days nearly all the childeren were horrible and some childeren would break windows escape the school and attempting to kill eachother when I was there I never got taught anything I just ended up sitting on the floor all day reading a book because I had nothing to do and teachers never told me what I was meant to be doing and when I was touched and violated by boys and told the teachers the teachers did nothing childeren were a-holes to me on day 1 and the only 'friend' I made turned out to be a psycopath who thinks punching babies to death was funny I learnt more from Countryballs then this school and btw Countryballs is not meant to be educational but I have now recited every single country in every single continent and know a couple of facts about each one
Kayden Richardson
Former Student
Mar 7, 2022

Not what I expected

My experience there has been very poor. Teachers are giving students bad backgrounds for their race, sexual orientation, culture, and most of all religion.
I would never recommend this school.
Former Student
Mar 7, 2022


Students throw used tampons at each other and most teachers are racist to a certain type of culture and religion
Mar 6, 2022


Some Teachers are very racist like one named Lorraine Lowe but the others are good. Most of the students are mental. And one of the teachers is in jail for sexual assault.
Its a poor school
Former Student
Jan 24, 2022

best experience ever!

this school is awesome, and its hard to say goodbye. the teachers are great! ( shoutout to you aweome guys!) this school has no uniform, and no bullying. everyone is friends. its awesome and it a lot more relaxed and chill <3
311 Gloucester Street, 8011, Christchurch
Michael Agar
03 366 2440

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