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Former Student
Aug 28, 2023

not great

the school is pretty good at sport and nothing else. the schools grades are embarrassing for a top decile school with plenty of resources.
Former Student
Mar 7, 2023

Boys High. Dont do it

Boys High comes with everything you'd expect to find in a New Zealand High school, Core subjects with some decent teachers with a bit of subject variety. A select few of the teachers are absolute legends and did make my time at highschool just a little less garbage. But thats just about what you'd expect from any other school.

Social life there basically comes down to if you can play rugby or cricket. These kids who played these sports also seemingly got more attention, extra help with ncea and other things. Its just a regular old school on the surface. Obviously there is a bullying culture, I mean youll find that anywhere. Its certainly a very mind based bullying. Not alot of fights or anything like that. I cant say I was a saint either. But as a 15 year old at the time I was comfortable for blaming my environment for how I treated others. Theres definitely a polarity between rich kids and poor kids as well, boys high successfully breeding class based mindsets. That played a major part in my social life there.

However on one occasion during my time there the school aided in ‘covering up’ a undeniably evil act (I want to use the correct term, however I genuinely want this review to be read by someone) The group involved in the ‘event’ had name suppression. Just a few of us only learned about it from a teacher, I cant even remember how it was brought up. We sort of nicknamed it the ‘Toothbrush’, and would refer to it as such, well typically with some more vulgarity. We tried to remind our idiotic headmaster subtly we knew every chance we got. Dont worry thanks to every student who knew and talked about it no kid who walks through boys high will leave without knowing the truly disgusting thing that happened to that boy, and how the boys who did it got away scott free. So either theyll develop some sort of dislike or hatred for authority or realise the richer and more connected their parents are, the less likely they'll face consequences. Take it as you will. Trust me when i say it, this wasn't a one time thing. Numerous parties, numerous rumours and actual discipline was made over my time at boys high. Girls, Boys, from year 9s to year 13s it was truely disgusting. This schools breeds it as well.

I remember year 9 students would literally watch porn in class as if it was normal. Students would show each other explicit photos of girls they'd been talking to, reflecting on it now again its f******* rank. I remember feeling so confused and disconnected from people around me at this time especially. I could go on and on about all the disgusting and outright weird things that happened at this school four hours.

Would I recommend boys high? I mean if you even are reading this you can gather from my most basic understanding of english they didn't really help much. But thats more or less NCEA than anything else. But it did produce some excellent students during my time there. But it did also produce some horrible people, stuck up idiots. But also some really genuine souls. So its really hit or miss.
May 27, 2021

Save your sons.

Force fed alt left beliefs while the teachers go on a power high. Tradition is a thing of the past while Nic Hill attempes to remove this schools past glory days.
Apr 14, 2021

My love for you Boys’ High

For me personally, this school means a lot to me, so much I returned from overseas just to attend. The school works for me as I’m a bit “old fashion” you could say, I like my history. With this the school has a deep connection with its history, shown though its traditions that regularly occur. Even just the school song, which is sang nearly every assembly, less and less schools have a song to sing that makes them proud to be part of that school. You just need to hear it sang at College Match to understand the pride which is sang. While there are some things that the school would rather not be connected with, they are slowly making changes for the better. Academics is a key area the school is really working in with them trying to get our rates up with the others tradition boys’ schools of NZ. The current rebuild is also going to create an awesome environment to be in, with the icon of the school...the main building undergoing a 3 year renovation and modernisation to bring it up to standard with the rest of the new buildings and to keep standing a the heart of the school, as the only original building. I’m a very proud to be a CBHS student and am saddened by the fact that my time is coming to an end, how the time has flew. I wish I could experience the school in all its glory when the rebuild is finished, but I’m still privileged to be able to utilise some of the best educational facilities in NZ. At least my son/s will be able to enjoy them, as I hope to be the start of an intergenerational family at Boys’ High. One negative I have is that a fair share of current students, take for granted just what this school is, and become somewhat arrogant about it. It’s not till they don’t have it no more that they realise. But hey, at least better late than never. As always and forever... Altiora Peto
Mar 18, 2021

Best school for me

As A student at Christchurch Boys High School I have enjoyed 99% of my experience at the school. Great teachers who are very friendly. Cricket, Rugby, Rowing, cycling are number one priority but fear enough when your school is known for excelling in these sports. Being a school they need to acknowledge academic efforts from more students. All in all I would recommend if you are given the opportunity to attend Christchurch boys high school you do so. Made many life long friends and the school has guided me to success which I am very thankful for.
Sep 15, 2020


biscuits were a bit too soggy for my liking
Former Student
Sep 11, 2020

Great teachers, horrible environment

I mean, its ok? Despite attempting to improve students mental health the teachers have no idea what to do or how to do it though, so its no surprise that a large amount of students suffer from severe mental health issues every year. The teachers are pretty good, however the range of subjects offered is VERY limited. They seem to be very focussed on 'the good old days', which negatively affects students experience. While they have recently constructed a new block of classrooms, which are VERY nice and modern, yet they refuse to remove the original main block, which was built in the 1800s. This means that you can go from a really nice classroom to a really crap old classroom that has 2 power plugs and the amount of room of a family car. The mandatory assemblies that occur are a complete waste of time and about 50% of the time spent in them is pandering to the board of trustees, just yabbering on about how 'great' the school is. These should really only occur once every fortnight, but hey, gotta make use of the overpriced hall somehow. There is also a lot of toxic masculinity, not helped at all by the reputation of the school, but make of that what you will. Its not completely horrible, the teachers definitely make up for all the bad stuff, so overall worth it if you think that its worth going to school.
Sep 2, 2020

A traditional boys school

A very normal single sex school. Has just as many positives for lovers of tradition. Many negatives for others. Fantastic for rugby fanatics. Other sports are somewhat neglected; this is changing as funding pours into the school. Homophobic, uninclusive attitudes of a reasonably small yet very loud number of students create a hostile environment for many who do not fit within a skewed view of normal. Expressing new opinions isn’t something that I have seen fostered at this school, despite the token efforts of speeches at school assembly’s.
Straven Road, Unknown, Christchurch
Nic Hill
03 348 5003

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