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Former Student
Apr 10, 2022

Needs to try harder

I was r*ped my first week here, at age 14. I didn’t bother telling anyone, as the culture of the school was to make up rumours and shame women. I was only there a year and a half and heard a myriad of tales about myself that I didn’t even know.
Heck, even the hair tying up policy ‘because it distracts the boys’. How about reach the boys to not assault people/treat women like humans?

Some teachers were great. Mr. Muller, Miss Richardson and Mr. Holder were leagues above others.

I started the school having always been in the top 1% for national standards in my age group, and left six credits shy of the NCEA level I was doing. I was bullied by a couple of teachers, actually quite severely. I have adhd, it was undiagnosed at the time although I knew that’s what it was. How it works for me is if a teacher teaches in a lacklustre or unclear fashion, or if they’re rude, I find it hard to pay attention as the learning experience no longer provides dopamine. I found myself studying, really hard, for the first time in my life, because they had taken the shine out of learning and I now had to fight not only their bullying but my learning disability. They belittled me and told me I wouldn’t succeed. I went to another school after, got my grades up (thanks to excellent teaching, funny that) went to uni, got straight A’s, did a masters degree, got first class honours. But it was definitely my fault :-)

There’s a reason this school had so many tragic events, that the town had the highest teen mortality stats. It’s so boring everyone makes horrible things up about each other for fun. Barely any of my peers went on to higher education, most are morbidly obese and depressed. Kids printed out hundred of a girls private photos and put them outside the school. Queer kids were called all sorts of slurs. So fun.

Do yourself a favour, if you’re going to have children, move to another town. I was ‘cool’ at this school, the bullying was merciless for everyone. Although around year 13 apparently it’s quite wholesome, the majority drop out after year 11 or during year 12, so the survivors band together. If you want your child to receive an education, move to the city. Not finishing year 13 is an anomaly elsewhere. Probably quite telling that the teachers can neither raise students enthusiasm or ability for NCEA. Wow.
Former Student
Feb 19, 2021

Very Average

OK School. Great for people who like smaller schools, and has a pretty low rate of bullying with a 'family' environment as it is so small. Teaching is pretty poor, with many teachers having to teach in something they arent qualified in and many teachers are past their retirement date. Sports culture is incredibly toxic.
Tora Dornan
Sep 18, 2020

Don’t be fooled by numbers

It definitely has a lot to offer even if a small school but organising sports are a slight downfall but offers chances to discover who you want to be
26 Herbert Street, 5810, Masterton
Debi Marshall Lobb
06 370 0612

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