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Apr 2, 2024

Average, staff and teachers could be nicer.

When I arrived at Carmel, things ran smoothly at first. I had a kind homeroom teacher as a year7, and homework I managed to keep up with. I must be honest, the school is average. Even though it’s a catholic school, the students, some were atheist. Of course, the teachers will think and expect. “The students are great! They totally don’t swear and curse behind our backs, and we totally don’t have any atheists. All our students are totally nice and totally our staff are very kind to our students.” The teachers there didn’t care about the students, especially the elder ones. Of course, not every teacher there was mean. But some were quite sad. They would try to find wrongs in students and yell at them till their satisfied.
Dec 20, 2023


This is a school that parents love and students hate. Because the teachers will make your kid learn and work hard. It is the better choice for colleges on north shore.
Aug 14, 2023


The worst school there could ever be in Auckland. Do not even consider it. This was one of the worst school I have ever attended and my friends have ever attended. The teaching is beyond old fashioned and straight up bad and confusing. There is no possible way to sugar coat it. After maybe a month or two you will be beginning whoever decided to send you to Carmel to move schools. The teachers straight up SUCK. The bullying issue has gotten completely out of hand. The deans are the most useless school workers there are. NOTHING GETS DONE. The approach religion in a very intimidating way. Not encouraging people to be catholic but forcing them to get baptized and guilt tripping them into praying. This school is basically anti-mental health. They say they care but they only hire 2 concelliers to deal with all the struggling problems with the kids. The school cares more about the color of your hair tie then your mental health. It's easy to feel alone and friendless because the teachers couldn't give another thought about the lonely kids and bullying. The school also doesn't care about physical safety as at the moment they don't even have a proper hired and trained school nurse and all they have is a dedicated but un-experienced college student as their nurse. Most days you will have to go to the office to be taken home if you have a medical problem. the drug problem weather its cigarettes, vapes or edibles it very concerning and highly dangerous especially because edibles are being sold to year 7. The ytounger teachers are extremly un-experianced. One of my friends whos also a ex carmel student says she learned more in priamry school then she ofever did at Carmel. This only skims the basis of the carmel problem. Long story short DO NOT SEND YOU KID HERE!!!
Mar 4, 2023

Wonderful School!

Currently Carmel College is a school that I will forever be proud to attend. The staff are so kind and nurturing and we have amazing teachers who put so much effort into lessons. Our teachers also take the time to get to know us and how we learn best. The school has great communication of events and expectations ect. Carmel has so much to offer academically and through our extra curricular. The girls are always so lovely and there is always a place for everyone. With Carmel's strong values we truly do become better people and stronger young women.
Former Student
Feb 23, 2023

Carmel college

I was in the learning support program and the teachers there would make fun and belittle kids with more serious mental health problems and kids with disabilities right in front of them. There very old fashioned in the sense of learning wise. It’s not a good environment to be in and lots of my friends has left because they were not happy at the school.
Feb 8, 2023

Love love love

I love Carmel! It is such a special school! Teachers are awesome and the learning is really top notch. All the girls are so kind and welcoming and there never seems to be a dull moment!
May 25, 2022

Biggest lol

Such a bad school. Gives students mental health problems as the staff and student are awful people. The leadership teams for yr13 students are always ridiculous and people get roles when they really don’t deserve it…like the head of council (GC) is supposed to improve student environment but she is actually a very mean, rude and selfish person. Head Girls really turned they good girl personna around after being selected and can often be seen back chatting to teachers and talking down to other students. I’m
108 Shakespeare Road, 0622, Auckland
Christine Allen
09 486 1132

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