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Mar 10, 2024


This educational institution is an overwhelmingly wonderful place to send the ol' kiddie winkles? This school is not for the poor.
Aug 25, 2023

Shit school

Some okay teachers but they do nothing to discipline students. Honestly so many kids vape in the bathrooms and changing rooms yet they do nothing. Also they hire the shitiest relievers ever. I don't think I've liked a single receiver we've had.
Former Student
Aug 23, 2023

it’s meh-it could be good though.

You get many bullies there and they get away with everything.
There should definitely be some action towards the bullies of the school, as there allowed to run freely, while others live in fear.
If more action was taken, the principal stepped up, better management team, learning that will help the students with life skills then it would be a much better school.
The teachers are great, but the learning is poor some of the things the students learn isn’t helping them with anything it’s just making their life more confusing and stressful.
Former Student
Mar 6, 2023

Not Good

Heaps of druggies and white essays that want to scrap everyone
Mar 3, 2023

shitty school

homophobia, racism, and bullying is very common and nothing is done about it. if you don’t fit in with the “cool, vaping, blasting music” type, you get bullied. teachers turn a side eye to students harassing each other and only care when you don’t have perfect grades. vaping is everywhere and the bathrooms always have people vaping. SLT don’t care about the students mental health and only care about grades.
Former Student
Feb 22, 2023

What is cambridge high

Honestly CHS is a horrible school, I got SA in year 10 and the higher up basically gave him a pat on the back and asked me what I was wearing what we were doing etc. They take your phones until you do an after school detention (not even give it back after school days) Teachers are not great they are too old and in their old ways of teaching, had a few good teachers. One time it was raining and I got in trouble for wearing a non-uniform jersey even though i had no jacket and the jumpers just soak in the water making you colder and smell bad. Mufti days a girl i knew got in trouble because her shirt was "inappropriate" even though it covered her shoulders and midriff it was just because it was hugging her breasts and she got told to cover up. It was horrible.
Feb 21, 2023

Steer clear of this one.

This school is guaranteed to set your son/daughter up for failure and turn them into a right pisspot like the rest of these Cambridge Kids. Unless you want to waste 4 years of your son/daughters life, and have them learning about nothing but useless information that will be of no use in their future. Not only that, have them influenced into Drugs. Find a better school. Thank me later.
Former Student
Feb 17, 2023


10/10 don’t go

It’s horrible just an absolute dump. Teachers are nightmares the kids are worse the bullying is insaine like dont Go there unless u want ur kids to have problems
Feb 15, 2023

Cambridge high review thing that need 5 words

The work is quite stressful here and although some of the teachers are nice about it we also have very harsh ones. The new rules suck, we aren’t allowed to have our phones out at all and any absences are an automatic detention. Most of the school (students) is centred around one sort of mindset and ‘style’ and some of them aren’t very welcoming to anyone who looks different. But there are some really cool people at cam high who dress different anyways and look really good doing it.
Feb 2, 2023

Itz zover

Teachers let students get away with anything….


Also put some money into sports teams other than the football and basketball. An example of this is not having coaches for the cricket teams (my team had one of the players coach us for 2 years now and the school threatened to disband the team because of no coaches)
Sep 16, 2022

just don't come here

homophobia, racism and general abuse is rampant. pride flag went on the flag pole for five days at the end of pride month and was torn down and ripped nearly every day. slurs are a common thing to hear, wifi is shit, nearly everyone below year 12 is an asshole. police have come in for drugs multiple times, you can't use the toilets or changing rooms without someone vaping. don't do anything about bullying, even when the bullies are standing 3 meters away. sucks, but hey, it could be worse
Mar 18, 2021

it’s eh

the senior management are all plain stupid, if u don’t fit the stereotype of a perfect high achieving student don’t expect to have a good time here. the culture at this school is so bad and the teachers don’t know what the hell they’re teaching. yeah acidemically it’s a good school but apart from that it’s just drug addicts and white supremisists. the canteens good tho
Feb 12, 2021

Tf is wrong w CHS

I mean ig the school is okay but there is sooo much racism and homophobia its not funny
Oct 22, 2020

Poor School

I had some great teachers, but most are old and miserable and really strict, and are not suitable for modern teaching.
Oct 6, 2020

Foreign teachers

I do not like the this school the teachers cannot do there job
25 Swayne Road, 3434, Cambridge
Greg Thornton
07 827 5415

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