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Feb 23, 2023


Too few variations of awards which disencourages students. There should be a separation between visual and performing arts award for example. Cocurriculars are fine, but sometimes lacking a few options. Teachers are either very hard to understand or very nice... most times there is no middle ground. They expect students to memorize everything and have previous knowledge sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love bdsc but sometimes it can be limiting especially with their teaching, and it can be improvised.
Former Student
Feb 23, 2023

Horrid school - experience from a past student

Horrible school. does absolutely nothing about the constant bullying between students, praises teachers who have had affairs with students and throws parties for them before they leave the school. Constantly leave their students drained, also have had teachers tell students to take off cultural items such as necklaces. Anything to do with learning New Zealand’s Offical Language of Te Reo Maori is forced to be online or done by a teacher with no Maori background who does not help the students with learning about their ethnic background. Was told about a student who raised home life concerns and was afraid to go home saying “I think if I go home I’ll die” the school ignored these pleas and sent the student home to that environment regardless. When a student faced with extreme bullying to the point of leaving the college went in to finalise their leaving they were told they would be invited to the schools ball that year if they were to keep everything in regards to the bullying quiet. Do NOT send your child to this god awful school. There are schools out there that WILL make sure your child’s education and wellbeing is made taken care of. Sincerely, a previous student who suffered four years of bullying and hate who’s cries were ignored throughout the entirety because “that’s how high school is” sort your shit out Botany Downs.
Nov 25, 2022

Botany College experience for me yes

bro i swear this school is so boring and plus i feel like the teacher is always targeting on me even though i haven't done anything wrong.
Aug 25, 2022

Does Botany College address attendance issues correctly?

My child has been having issues with a family issues and Covid lockdown. The school has been a bit clinical and unsympathetic in their approach to his learning, I brought the concern up to them in March 2022.. still not as much support as I anticipated. I was told in August 2022 that there will be no teacher aides as he is 'not in a tagged class" . Not sure what that means in layman terms. Other parents I speak to have voiced the same concern. Are the schools meant to support us or judge our kids for the situation they have been placed in out of their control?

I am now at the point where I have been told by a child psychologist to apply to other school principals' for help. I have not been referred to or spoken to anyone other than the whanau leaders at the current school. Is the school principal or the deputy principals' aware that there is a serious attendance issue at the school?. Are there systems in place to help children with needs ...?

I was told by the psychologist that the school is meant to help parents.. I am not seeing that yet..
Apr 29, 2021

BDSC Review

A decent school overall. Problems with smoking and vaping. Some teachers are very hard to understand. Homework is beyond crazy. Some rules such as jackets and socks are stupid. Lunch eating is a joke making students sit on the floor like little children. Likewise with assemblies. Other than that, it’s OK.
Apr 27, 2021

Neat & tidy

Started at the school over two months ago and liking it so far. Reading the other reviews I have to agree with the vaping & smoking problem that only seems to be growing. Uniform standards are high with extra care to sock length. Teachers have respect and teach reflecting that. Overall a good school.
Oct 19, 2020

Bdsc review

Teaching staff are skilled and ethical. Standard is reasonably high and takes extreme interest in tidiness of uniform, particularly socks. However there is an ongoing vaping and smoking problem. Students selling other students vapes and smoking cannabis during lunchtime. For this reason the school has become less of an interest and appeal to me in the last couple months.
Sep 30, 2020


Overall good school with pretty good student/teacher relationships. Good focus on co-corricular activities
575 Chapel Road, 2016, Auckland
Karen Brinsden
09 273 2310

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