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Oct 17, 2023

Birkenhead College

these reviews are funny
Mar 23, 2023


I stg this school is so cheap someone has got to donate or something, I get this school isnt the richest but that doesn’t excuse the dirtiness and the smell.. You don’t have to be rich to be clean and hygienic. The walls and floor has dirt on it that hasn’t been cleaned since i first saw it and everything is just unorganised and dusty. Not to mention they reused plastic bottles once. I got a cola fizzy drink from an event there but it was in another flavours bottle meaning they just filled it up… It honestly makes me want to move schools and what annoys me is the fact that we have cleaning products i’ve seen them but no one does anything about it.
Former Student
Mar 21, 2023

What in tarnation.

As an ex student at bc I’d like to share my experience. My time in bc was short like every other highschool. I will say as this is a public and community school it was not the highschool experience I expected. In year 11 in 2015 I got my first warning about wearing the silver ring my nana gave me that I have grown to love and wore everyday. My thoughts were “I’m shocked they noticed my ring rather than kids bullying other kids and the vandalism in the bathrooms”.
Every day I wore that ring because it had meant so much to me and I was not gonna take it off for the sake of the teacher’s satisfaction. All these strict rules were not adding up because teachers were wearing facial piercings, heavy makeup, big necklaces and every single ear piercing you can name. I guess teachers are setting a bad example on these students. Can’t even follow to their own rules.
Mar 21, 2023

This school isn’t how I thought it would be.

I am completely and utterly disappointed. When I enrolled my daughter to this school I had high hopes all for them to be destroyed with all the stories she has told me about this school. My daughter has always had a rough time expressing herself, it had taken her years for her to find out who she really is and what she liked and I thought this school would be accepting of that but no. Instead of being accepting and allowing students to be who they are they just take it all away! No jewellery, no piercings, no unnatural dyed hair, no false lashes or makeup, no painted nails, and all the boys have to shave. These rules are so out of date and so unnecessary, tell me how anyone in this school is meant to express themselves fully! And tell me how ANY of these things will affect the students learning? Are their painted nails going to distract them? Are their facial piercings they can’t even see without a mirror going to distract them? The answer is no! I’m very upset with this school and these outdated rules. Not to mention it’s only for the students, the teachers wear full faces of glam, they wear dangly shiny earrings and some even have multiple facial piercings, this isn’t fair for our children and it isn’t teaching them anything good either.
Mar 21, 2023

Unhygienic, needs more work put in

As soon as i walk through those gates i feel like i need to take a shower. I get the cleaners are trying their best but come on this is horrible. I walk through the science block and the walls and floors are covered in something, the brick walls have cobwebs and holes in them and i swear some places in this school are growing green stuff on it. Even the classrooms like come on, some advice for the teachers is to CLEAN YOUR CLASSROOMS! I go in and there is dust, gum under tables, dirt on desks, stains on the carpet, and it just makes me feel gross. Not to mention the students oh my gosh, they need to bring everyone in for an assembly about hygiene cause i cant even go through a hallway without gagging at someone who doesn’t know how to wash or put on deodorant. A few days i watched a student cough their phlegm on a wall and no one’s cleaned it so it HARDENED UP. If someone’s reading this and wants to get a job as a cleaner apply at BC please i beg.
Mar 21, 2023


As much as this school preaches about self expression and being inclusive Birkenhead College actually lacks this. My 13 year old daughter has rashes all over her face and it has taken a lot of her confidence. She found that wearing makeup to cover it up helps her become more confident. My daughter is beautiful inside and out but as a mother I let her wear as much makeup as she wants as long as she feels comfortable and confident is all. I picked up my daughter from school and I had seen her quite upset and her rings and bracelets off of her body, I ask her why and she replied and said “My teacher told me to take them off since it is apart of the school rules” This rule seemed understandable to me at first until my daughter had opened up and said “At assembly they said girls were not to wear heavy makeup, nails, jewellery or eyelashes. A boy turned over to me and said “yea *insert my daughters name* he’s talking about you, rash girl” I tried to hide my tears”
This comment made my daughter extremely upset as she already has enough insecurities. As a mother I am quite upset with how BC has restricted all of these things that make girls and boys feel beautiful. Let kids be who they want to be. Let them express their identity. This is not 1980’s anymore. Does it really matter if they are wearing black socks with one stripe of white?
Mar 10, 2023

Someone donate to this school

Can’t even afford seats for whole school assembly’s, I had to book myself for a chiropractor appointment just to get my back cracked. One time the school was selling food and drinks for whatever occasion it was I ordered a drink and it was like a reused can of coke with pineapple juice in it? Umm excuse me this isn’t hygienic. Also some of the halls smell not great and some of the students smell and need deodorant and our school doesn’t do anything about it like I’m in class and the smell distracts me from working cause it makes me want to gag.
Mar 5, 2023

Not my ideal school

This school limits self expression.
I am not allowed to wear any facial piercings any earrings or dye my hair. How am I suppose to express myself when it’s limited. Art teachers are not the best, last year one of the teachers had talked about me and my friends to my other friend saying that we are “unreliable” a teacher shouldn’t have a say in what her students are. The school is run down and there is parts of the school where it’s mouldy and covered in webs and just looks foul.
Feb 19, 2023

I mean, it's alright.

Great and friendly staff, clean and tidy classrooms, although the school is very limited when it comes to career opportunities/choices and activities.
Nov 11, 2020

Could not recommend more

Teachers are wholeheartedly dedicated to each student’s success, and work overtime (for free) to ensure we can excel. The staff in general is very nurturing, and it’s easy to have your individual needs met, and to feel safe and at home at school. Academic success at Birkenhead College is easy to achieve and sustain, and this is the school to go to if you want to do well in that regard. The school motto is true; everybody at BC truly is somebody. I know people at other schools who feel as if they’re treated as a number and not as a person, and this is not the experience of a member of the BC whānau. You will find your people and yourself at BC, and you will always be a part of our one-of-a-kind family. I could not recommend this school more.
140 Birkdale Road, 0626, Auckland
Craig Waller
09 483 9039

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