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Former Student
Jun 19, 2024


went to take a wiss one day, something tickled my leg, looked down and saw a rat! there was a hole in the wall with rats living in it! they are in the walls. they are in the walls. they are in the walls.
Former Student
Feb 20, 2024

Proud Past Student

This is quite frankly, one of the best school experiences of my life. Growing up, I've had to move a lot, meaning I've changed schools a fair amount of times. Not all schools have been great, but I genuinely enjoyed my time at AGHS. If I could, I would repeat my high school experience all over again.
Former Student
Feb 10, 2024

my home

This place is seriously awesome, filled with some of the fiercest, most passionate, and ride-or-die students you'll ever meet. At first, you might think they're a bit mean or bitchy, but let me tell ya, there's so much more to these gals.

The students at Avonside Girls High School are like a force of nature. They don't hold back, speak their minds, and stand up for what they believe in. They've got this incredible strength and determination that's just downright inspiring. It's like they've got a "no limits" mindset, breaking through barriers and challenging the status quo.

But let me tell you, behind that tough exterior, these girls have hearts of gold. Once you get to know 'em, you'll see the kind of loyalty and support that's off the charts. Actual girl’s girls. They've got each other's backs, lifting each other up when times get tough, and forming bonds that'll last a lifetime. It's like a sisterhood that's unbreakable, where kindness and compassion are the name of the game.

Avonside Girls High School is all about celebrating individuality, nurturing passions, and encouraging students to go after their dreams with everything they've got. The teachers and staff are top-notch, too. They're there to guide these incredible young women, helping them become the absolute best versions of themselves.
Feb 3, 2024


bathroom cuisine is immaculate. the mice in maths are so very friendly. there’s talking in the walls. there is talking in the walls.
Jan 30, 2024

best school on earth

I got baptised here! Definitely going again next year
Mar 18, 2023


School is alright. The learning space is good and some teachers are great. Some teachers are very rude and don't help with your learning at all
Mar 12, 2023


The buildings are rlly nice but they need more windows ! Its so dark at times, teachers are rlly nice but the sickbay and helping teachers are rude as shit 😭
Former Student
Feb 15, 2023

Don't go to avonside girls high school

Had a terrible experience due to bullying and threats teachers didn't really help and I ended up dropping out of school at 17 and hating all forms of education
Former Student
Feb 4, 2023

average overall

most students are inconsiderate, especially when it comes to the bathrooms. i’d say about 50-50 of teachers are good and not the good, new principal is awesome. i’d recommend doing the short courses as the teachers in that dep are very helpful and nice.
Dec 27, 2022

Review for Avonside

I go to this school and I like it very much, the staff are very supportive and curriculum covers many different topics for any interest.
May 2, 2021

Don’t recommend

This school is shi all the teachers just care about the attendance more than your learning dont recommended
Former Student
Mar 3, 2021

Mixed opinion

I was bullied so much I left. Most of the teachers were rly nice tho. Students dgaf and it's so easy to get away with stuff. Heaps of good opportunities in extra curricular but beware you'll get bullied if you be yourself. The school is full of racists and homophobic people including teachers. A teacher in particular targeted certain religious groups after a certain traumatic event. Senior leadership did bigger all. Also why go to a school known as slutside.
Former Student
Dec 27, 2020

Not recommend

I would not recommend this school, at all. The main problem is the teachers, most of them are ok but there are three that immediately come to mind that were absolutely terrible. There is one teacher that is blatantly homophobic and transphobic.
Sep 27, 2020


I genuinely find it a place where you are to look after yourself and you are all alone. Bullying, racism, homophobes and transphobes walk the hallways every day pin pointing people without realising they are doing it. The teachers are not very nice as majority of them have very little respect. This left me feeling extremely alone
209 Travis Road, 8083, Christchurch
Susan Hume
03 389 7199

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