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Former Student
Jul 25, 2023

love it so much

all the teachers are so nice
except the school realy only cares about their appearance which doesnt really mean anything bc their appearance is SHIT.
and also a lot of fights happen.
Jun 15, 2023


bad school

this school is like bad there is to much bad stuff happening
Jun 13, 2023

Bullying students

There are some students of this school that like to engage in intimidating other students from Avondale Intermediate just around the corner. Yesterday my grand daughter whilst waiting at the crossing on Victor St, was verbally abused by a female student, my grand daughter does not this girl, nor did she choose to engage with this older student. Avondale College should have teachers placed at the crossings to supervise what their students are doing. Mt grand daughter should be safe when walking home from school, Avondale College needs to step up and deal with their students and bullying. Want be sending my grand daughter to this school.
Would not recommend this college to anyone.
Former Student
Mar 17, 2023

Avondale high school

I attended Avondale high school for a few years.
My experience was ide say average.

The people are really friendly but I always felt I had be carefull about who's company ide choose to hang out with. Since there are alot of kids at the school who were less fortunate and came from families who couldn't afford the bare minimum. It reflected in their behavior as well. I felt uncomfortable sometimes interacting with them. Most were decent it was just a few kids that made my time there difficult.

Also people smoked weed, and ciagretts in the bathroom. But I know the staff could not do much about bc of the type of kids that come to the school. I know they tried their best. So it's ok

Teachers were alright some were definitely better than the others.

I disliked substitute teachers though bc I felt more effort could be put into getting sub teachers who auctally knew how to teach the subject they were substituting for.

The tuck shop was hell. Waiting lines were insane. And food was really expensive. One day I got sushi and it was $10 like um yeah never again.

Library was nice though. And they offer a large variety of extracurricular activities which is nice.

The turf was nice usually people play football there.

F: block was messed up people used that area to have sex and things like that. I feel somthing can be done about that. The school does not have the best reputation I feel it's average. But it's okay.
Ide give it a 5 out of 10.
Mar 12, 2023

don't go to avondale college!

insanely mediocre and all they care about is apperance. (uniform and outdoors, the classrooms are trashed and full of stains) while they claim to "preach mental health" there are only few good counselors, and terrible teachers.
Former Student
Feb 25, 2023

Former Student

I was a former student at Avondale College. Went there from years 9-12, until me and my family moved to a new city and I went to a new school.
Something about Avondale College that doesn’t sit right with me, is the teachers. Through my time at Avondale College, teachers didn’t really care about you. If you weren’t one of those high academic students earning scholarships, then they didn’t care to help you. They treated you as though you were a drop-out. Now, I got mostly achieved on all of my assessments, so I passed. However, the teachers aren’t happy with achieved, they want you to get excellence. And instead of encouraging the students to achieve high, what do they do? Shake their head at you, mutter something about how dumb you are, even go as far as talking to you about placing you in a lower stream, when in reality you are just fine.
Now, the bathrooms. The caretakers are shit. They don’t clean the bathrooms properly. You walk in there, 9/10 there will be wannabe cool year 9’s vaping in the bathroom, filling the room with disgusting smells. As well as that, students graffiti offensive words and say stuff like “Go K1ll yourself, fata$$!”
I would never go back to this school unless I had no other option. I know every school has trouble, but this school in particular, isn’t my number one choice.
I now go to a much better school. I just pray that parents who are thinking about sending their kids to this school genuinely think about the pros and cons of this school. You look at the website, the principals letter, they all make it look like a very happy, accepting school. But it’s not. I would warn parents, don’t look at the website, all the happy smiling teachers and think “wow I want to send my kid here”. I mean it’s your choice. But personally, if I had a kid, I would have to hate my kid a lot to send them to a place like Avondale College.
Feb 3, 2023

It All Depends On You

The schools a decent school, the academic opportunities are great and the sports teams here are excellent, however depending on which path your kid takes it could honestly go two ways, your kid could choose to mix themselves with the kids who vape, drink, bully, etc or they could choose to mix themselves with a more positive environment surrounded by the right people. Most teachers I’ve come across are great, some are a bit more harsh but honestly the kids just need to toughen up if they don’t like what teacher they have. Relievers should be double checked bc it’s basically a free period for students who have relievers. Assembly’s can be useful at times but don’t think a whole school assembly is necessary. Morning assemblies should be just about it. Counsellors need to work on how to not over step students trust and make clear to their students about things that need to be told to parents or deans before trying to start a discussion that students have reached out to them about. The kids are decent most days, in school during breaks there are sometimes disturbing scenes of fights breaking out that are handled poorly by teachers but also understand how it would be difficult for a single teacher or two to try jump in between groups of people. Overall I’d say the management of our school needs to be improved and teachers need to be double checked, teachers need to start making better connections with students if they want ALL students to participate in their class, the academic opportunities are great if you’re looking for a school with excellent academic opportunities following along with the sports opportunities that come with the school. If you think you’re kids capable enough to avoid the drama and make a change for themselves and be able ti hold their own ground against both other students and teachers, then Avondale isn’t such a bad place for your kid
Former Student
Dec 3, 2022

Good school!

I enjoyed this school. So many opportunities to be successful. Opportunities to play so many sports and instruments. So many clubs and performances students can be apart of such as the school show. Students who do well in in classes and in extra curriculars get rewarded and praised at assemblies and prize givings which makes students feel rewarded for their hard work. Teachers are all so nice and helpful I will always remember them as hardworking for putting in effort to teach, review and mark my work. Therefore, I understand that I should work hard in return, in order to show extra respect. No student can say that “this school is sh*t” or something like that because if they have that attitude it inevitably means that they have that attitude in the classroom and makes their experience a bad one because they get consequences such as a detention. Any student who is hard working and respectful will get respect in return from the teachers. After all, why should a teacher care about helping a lazy person if they don’t want to help themselves or why should a teacher not give a student detention for not complying with rules and respect.

However, students who are not hard working do get respect
Dec 3, 2022

School of opportunities for success

I loved my experience at Avondale College, the teachers have all been so willing to help and kind towards me. I really value the teachers’ hard work in teaching, checking and marking my work which much of their work goes in after school hours. Therefore, I have tried to work hard in return to show them extra respect on top of being polite. No person can complain as a student from this school and say “man, the teachers are shit” or “f**k this school” because if they have an attitude it inevitably indicates that they have an attitude towards teachers and then they are given consequences which makes them hate the school and teachers. This school makes hard working students feel special with award ceremonies, prize givings and other events but that does not mean that if you are not hard working that you are treated poorly by teachers. If you are respectful you will get it in return or you won’t get a detention. Students at Avondale collage are one of the most privileged schools in NZ with both NCEA and CIE education pathways. A wide range of subjects in both pathways. Students can learn a variety to instruments and sports, join a variety of clubs, be apart of many performances like the school show or musical performances.
Sep 23, 2022

Worst College in Auckland

Avondale College has a bad reputation for a reason! They have no control over their student population and do not follow MOE guides to manage instances of bullying whether it be between pupils OR faculty members, bullying students. Both Principal Lyndy and DP Brenda are highly incompetent in their roles. Brenda cannot answer questions directly and answers as though she is reading dot points from a guide. We have addressed outliers in their strategic approach to bullying multiple times and now feel we are being ‘pushed’ out of the school. Be careful when sending your children here. My children’s grades have dropped dramatically, their well-being has declined and they consistently worry about the way they will be treated when attending school. I am so disappointed in a school we have attended generationally, and vote they bring back a principal prior to Lyndy.
Aug 12, 2022

Idk lol

Social science sucks. Also has racist teachers teaching false history that is incorrect , just to make the USA look good and be the “hero” in every single war we learnt about. The English teacher that I have talks and repeats the same bullsh** every single lesson (for approximately more than half of the lesson time, not exaggerating) and we barely get to do any work, not gonna say what teacher in case they find out and I’ll be in the deans tomorrow… also there are many racist and time wasting relievers out there. The school rules are dumb as usual, having to tuck your shirt in is uncomfortable and stupid, the assemblies are boring and time wasting (basically just the deans talking useless stuff for nearly an hour). Students are dumb and rude, always talking nonstop bullsh** and annoying others.
Aug 11, 2022

Parents, don't send your kids to Avondale College. Please.

As a parent, sending your kids to Avondale College seems like a good idea. They make it look amazing, say it's a good school, when it wasn't as great as we thought it was. I sent my daughter here, my beautiful, positive, always grateful for everything daughter. Over the years, I noticed my daughter change. Mainly because of how she was being treated at school. She slowly started vaping, even bringing alcohol in her bag. She started not attending classes, even hooking up with random children during breaks. The teachers were disrespectful to her, and would disregard her if she didn't get the desired grade they wanted her to get. She slowly developed depression, but the staff didn't care. They didn't care about her, they just said that they only came here to get paid.

My daughter ended up running away in Term 4, and had a mental breakdown. We transferred schools, and she immediately healed. She became our happy, positive girl. I regret sending her to Avondale College. Because of this school, the staff, the students. Don't send your child here, there are plenty of other schools for you to choose from. I now use this experience to warn parents about not sending their kids to this hellhole called Avondale College.
Aug 11, 2022

I don't like this school at all.

Avondale College gives you the impression that it's a great school that accepts everyone for who they are, and seem like they're devoted to helping you graduate with good grades. But in reality, it's not like that at all. They genuinely don't care what happens. Students vape and drink, people beat each other up, teachers swear at students and put them down when they don't get an excellence in subjects. I can't tell you how many students I've known committed suicide because of this school. They're very controlling, and they are a bit homophobic. Wouldn't send your kids here, they won't enjoy it, and this school will encourage them to vape, not attend classes, and swear.
Aug 11, 2022


I really wouldn't send your kids here. The kids here treat you like garbage and the teachers genuinely don't care whether you pass or not. The principal herself isn't very nice either, she's very controlling. The school only respects the smart kids who get top marks. DONT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE I BEG YOU IT REALLY SUCKS.

I developed depression thanks to coming to this school.
Feb 23, 2022


dont take the innovation class. worst mistake of my life...
Feb 19, 2022


didn't learn much in year 9-10, too many islanders and Maori and poor people, and way too many covid cases lol. The hygenic in the school is kinda gross, teachers are okay but depends which ones you get. Hate how you HAVE to tuck your shirt in because its so uncomfortable. Hate assembly cuz the deans and people just talk shit for nearly an hour, waste of learning time.
Nov 28, 2021

library should burn

their library is so shit. like fr. there's about 10 classics in the whole library, with the rest of the books being badly written 2005-2006 YA
Jul 30, 2021

worst school to put your children in

terrible school. visitors will say it 'looks' good but reality is a lot different. teachers are rude and deans are borderline racist. the school is nothing but misery for majority of the students, would never recommend.
Jun 13, 2021


Doesn't care about students, just their grades
Apr 26, 2021

avcol sucks

this school is full of shit. all they want is to maintain their NCEA pass rates. they don’t care about you personally, they care about the fact that you are wearing their uniform and how you act while in it. 2/10 would not recommend.
Nov 13, 2020


Depends on what teachers get and people you hang out with.
Sep 16, 2020

terrible lol

tried to kill myself because of this god forsaken school lol
Aug 26, 2020


Nice school but kids are very judgemental
Victor Street, 1026, Auckland
Lyndy Watkinson
09 828 7024

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