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Jun 20, 2023

Its ok

its alright. some teachers are absolutely power tripping (whose names im too afraid to mention but i will when i get out of the school) and others are ok or good. as a non athletic kid, i have not experienced the sports. one bad thing is the other students. their mostly spoilt, rich brats who have never been taught how to shut up or how to use your manners. other than that its ok. the tuck shop is seriously overpriced and has too many unhealthy, sugary foods. the uniform is also very strict and the hair system is plain stupid. i have medium sized hair and got a detention for it.
In conclusion i would not reccomend this if you can afford a private school but if you cant this is the best public school in terms of academics.
Apr 8, 2023

Awesome Auckland school

Great school. Was in A for a year then had to leave but was very fun and learnt a lot. Best teachers.
Mar 4, 2023


Vaping is banned

There isn’t a vape room for our students. And I get stepped out for being white
Feb 28, 2023

Auckland Grammar Correctional Facility

The school is run like a dictatorship, our headmaster passes very strict laws which are enforced by senior staff and teachers to an extreme extent (e.g no phones - even at lunch time u can’t check the time on your phone and your phone can’t make a noise otherwise it is taken for a whole week. So even if we were to get an emergency call or text from family we would not be able to reply to them or answer. Also if our socks are slightly below the calf muscle or our shirts slightly untucked we can be issued with a 1 hour detention.) This is just two of the many rules and regulations that we must abide by, making us feel like prisoners. If you are caught disobeying any school rules (speaking from experience) the disciplinary teachers do not hesitate to interrogate you without letting you tell any fair justification for your actions. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.
Feb 28, 2023

It's not as good as everyone says it is

The schools education is alright with some teachers being average. And there are many school rules that aren't even related to learning or growing up to be a good man which is what they think they are doing. For examples specific hair cuts shouldn't be banned as it doesn't make learning worse or better. There are many rules that are like this. An assembly every morning is almost useless it just comprises class time for a few words. The only kind of useful part of assembly is daily notices. And they also add unnecessary stress and pressure on too of the existing ones on an exam every term. Another kind of good think is they have a lot of sprts branches and cultural groups. Otherwise most of their education is whether you are or you aren't good at memorizing information.
Feb 27, 2023

Great School

It’s a good school which if you buy into fully and follow the rules will greatly reward you and build your character.

It’s sports are excellent with external coaches and many teams from social to premier teams competing on a national stage. Fully engaging and working with the coaches and specialist staff to get the best out of yourself is very rewarding and many athletes from grammar go on to achieve results on international stages.

The academics of this school are great, the streaming creates a very competitive environment which if you work hard in you can move up in, the teachers are fully committed to your success and are happy to spend break times or after school helping you if you aren’t understanding certain topics.

Overall buying into the school will set you up well for life and make your high school experience a fun and successful one.
Feb 27, 2023

alright school

ok school, some teachers do make it a living hell, but most are ok, the tuck shop has some good food most of the students don't beat you up for no reason and there are a wide variety of sports to do.
some of the teachers are really nice and they make you enjoy learning at their classes..
sometimes their jokes do go a little far.
Feb 15, 2023

Your Son is Better Off Elsewhere

AGS is single-handedly the worst experience i have ever had under an educational institution. It is full of hate, ignorance, arrogance, hatred, bullying and many countless wrongdoings. Teachers will not hesitate to yell at anybody, which is around 80% of all teachers. The school does not teach the proper standards about what path they should choose in the future but it is more focused on self-behaviour and how to be legitimate ‘men’. This school drains my mental health everyday to the point where I started experimenting with self-harm because of it. I don’t care if Mr. O’Connor (Headmaster) sees this post, if he’s even deserving and worthy enough of his title, he should put an end to this authoritarian regime full of hate crime right now. This is not how you treat young students. Disgusting.
Feb 15, 2023

Your son is better off elsewhere

The school gives you homework every night, they don’t care about your mental health and ALWAYS prioritise education over somebody health in general. Almost all of the teachers yell at students and the remainder don’t let them go until the bell rings. I do not recommend AGS for your son if he wants to be in a safe, trustful and open school. I do not feel welcome here anymore, I wish I could leave it. Only my friends are the best things at this school.
Feb 10, 2023

The Best Boys School in NZ

Excellent school. Brilliant Headmaster, exceptional teachers, and a great competitive environment to push for the academic excellence of all boys.
Former Student
Apr 26, 2022

Auckland Grammar

My experience

I first came here in 2019 and graduated last year and from the time I stayed, it was hell.

This school is too strict with it’s old-fashioned method for this day and age and several of my mates couldn’t handle it either.

One time in assembly my form dean made me stand up from my seat until assembly was over because I wasn’t praying properly during the morning prayers. He brought me to his office and explained that he was offended and had to punish me for “rudeness”… Needless to say, it was really embarrassing and felt uncomfortable, I couldn’t do anything but to stand in the middle of the hall filled with a crowd of students sitting down and staring at me. I also got a detention for walking pass rubbish on the ground which I didn’t see. And I also got my phone taken away for a week when a staff saw me with it.

The classroom system is toxic to students, I’ve heard stories where some kids have left Auckland Grammar because they couldn’t handle the pressure of being mocked by other students. The school was very sexist, showed toxic masculinity, some staffs would bring attention to students over the smallest things. My friend got harassed by other kids but some teachers never did a single thing.

not to mention the strict uniform rules… some teachers didn’t care about our mental health and would punish us because of the height of our socks. The uniform needs to be fixed, during winter our legs get frozen because they don’t offer long trousers… maybe this would fix the stupid socks rule. The shirt in my option is nice and comfortable but the pants need to have more options.

extracurricular activities and teaching methods by the teachers are great but the system needs to have an upgrade. 2.6/5
Jan 10, 2022

Outdated and bad school (not recommended)

The traditional aspects of this school are a problem in most members of the public’s opinion. The times have changed and the school should too. For example, only prefects are allowed to wear trousers while other boys are only allowed to wear shorts even during the winter times. The school leadership doesn’t listen to feedback from parents and students, and they are not adapting or progressing at all!
Jan 10, 2022

Worst school

Auckland Grammar does not care about the well-being of its students, and many of the school’s teachers are not into teaching and helping the students at all. The school’s cruel streaming system actually discouraged many pupils from studying further and even destroyed some boys’ confidence. The school leadership team is so old-fashioned and not willing to adapt to any 21st century elements of education, no matter it’s the method of academic teaching, school management, or even the uniforms. They have the worst school uniforms in NZ - the students can only wear short trousers even in winter months, which is freezing and even distracting their attention from learning because it’s just too cold to focus on anything.
Former Student
May 6, 2021

An actual honest review

This could be an unpopular opinion but I personally believe Auckland Grammar is a bit over rated. I attended my full 5 years of high school and auckland grammar and the “turning boys into men” logic is not what it appears to be. From day one they break you down until you’re really nothing but a number in a system. The teaches are on a complete power surge and have final say over everything even if they’re in the wrong. The uniform is entirely over stressed, I actually got a Friday detention for walking out of the bathroom one day with my shirt still untucked - Sorry sir, next time I’ll go with my shirt still tucked in. It’s not all bad, I do have some fond memory’s with mates and some of the good teachers (I must stress the use of “some” because most are on an entire power trip). The streaming system is also a complete failure. It puts good kids that aren’t very bright in with all the bad kids who just don’t care, those good kids are then forced to befriend the bad kids as they are the ones that they see 6 hours a day everyday. This means by year 13 all the good kids get corrupted and turn into rejects like the rest of the kids that just don’t care. This isn’t an exaggeration I saw it with my own eyes in my time at grammar. Another issue is that if you’re an average kid (I.e not amazing at sports but not bad, not in the top streams but not in the bottom) you get entirely overlooked and none of the teaches or deans know who you are or really care about you - like i said you’re really just a number in a system to them. I think if you’re a really bright kid who enjoys discipline or a very athletic kid you will succeed at this school. If not, it’s essentially a prison. This is an entirely honest review and unfortunately you don’t see many of these because majority of the kids at this school are brainwashed from day 1 to believe that auckland grammar is the elite of the elite as that is what we are taught from day one.
Apr 20, 2021

Many ups and downs

Auckland grammar pushes you in a way no other school can, let alone a public one. You can go further with much more opportunities as well, however inside it is notorious for its toxic culture and cult conservatism. Proceed with caution.
Former Student
Feb 12, 2021


Put in the hard yards so you can play hard.

From day one, the attitude they set out is - put your head down and work hard to reap the rewards.
My experience at Grammar was phenomenal and helped me build my confidence as a guy. The opportunities thrown at me, strong push for competitiveness to drive passion and persistence in academics was what kept me working hard. Other ‘modern’ Auckland private schools tend to take a much softer approach and award simple work, as opposed to hard work.

Grammar don’t mess around. Wake up, shower, shave, get to school, sit through assembly, finish your classes and get home. The school care greatly about their students and the guidance counseling and career assistance departments are second to none.

What I really liked, was the fact they didn’t have the whole BYOD and bring your own laptop to school. The only computers available were library ones. There was no distraction, you were forced to listen to the class whether you liked it or not - this made revision and exams far better. Too many students in other schools are also distracted by their mobile phones, if you have it out on campus - it’s gone for a week.

Grammar is hands down one of the best schools in Auckland and if you’re lucky enough to get one of the top five teachers from each faculty, your time there will be a breeze.

Don’t be intimidated by the structure, rules and regulations - when you get into the real world, you’ll be thankful you learnt basic respect and beaming confidence, when you’re applying for a job or meeting a new significant other.

Auckland Grammar turned me, a wimpy, lazy boy lacking confidence, into a well rounded man who felt he had the necessary skills to thrive outside of the school gates.
Feb 12, 2021

An alright School.

Got a warning for having too short hair, otherwise is okay. The Careers program is very good.
Nov 4, 2020

The best school in NZ?

Achieving 7th best academics in the country in 2018 and winning 2020 1A rugby a great school with a great environment that pushes you to learn. Boys who do well under pressure and in competition will flourish at grammar
Oct 11, 2020

Best School In New Zealand

Easily the best school in New Zealand. The teachers are amazing at their jobs.
Rated fifth best rugby school in the world in 2020, King's College did not even crack the top ten.
Sep 29, 2020

UTL (Up the lion)

Amazing school, great teachers, students and a great challenging environment. The boarding hostel is strict and firm but comforting as well. Creat culture and history.
Sep 16, 2020

Comes with its cons and pros

Auckland Grammar is full of feminist english and general teachers who try to use propaganda to abuse the young adults. The feminist teachers mock, bully and harass students' until they ideally leave the school.


1stXV game is the best kings vs grammar.

There's literally old pedofile teachers' some male that should be locked up but reports don't go far. Leadership team is scary but they do a decent job. Tuckshop food is over-priced especially for a state school. Academics is alright, handling bullying is terrible. Safety and security anyone can leave the school any time and all teachers leave their doors wide open and the campus left well open for anyone to walk right in.

Average school..
Sep 16, 2020

The school comes with its cons and pros

This school has literally is full or feminist teachers and pedofile old male teachers. There's a few good teachers here and there and the best bit is the leadership. Deans' do a pretty shit job and are slack in everything.

Physical education teachers are the best. Sport is incredibly good and the 1ST XV is thebest.
Sep 13, 2020


Put in the hard work and reap the rewards
Mountain Road, 1023, Auckland
Timothy O'Connor
09 623 5400

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