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Oct 12, 2023

Eh could be better.

I have been with this school for over 5 years and i really like the acceptance this school has. no bullying, no shame, you can just be you. but the problem is. the teachers are lazy. they don't punish students, work is easy. too easy. then there is the environment. horrible just horrible. there a 4 floors in the building. and each floor has 4 unisex bathrooms no male bathrooms, no female bathrooms. the first floor is for juniors (10 and under) fourth floor is for middle schoolers (12 to 11) and in between those floors are the floors for high schoolers (13 to 18) the leaves pretty much 8 bathrooms for the hundreds of high schoolers. the 4 for the middle schoolers and another 4 for the juniors. and the location on where it was built. is freaking terrible. there is a Kink/Fetish store 2 block ahead, homeless people left and right, roads that don't look like roads but look like foot paths. inside the building its a hot mess. there is stuff on the ground everywhere. did i mentioned how disgusting the bathrooms are. there are always paper towels on the floor and bins over flowing with them. and hopefully water on the floor and not urine. this school is ok for misfits buy under awful management.
Aug 11, 2023

If you want to be part of your child's education, this is for you!

If you're a family eager to be involved in your child's education and join a community of people who value collective teaching and learning, this is for you! Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery school is unique: parents can stay after 9 am and take part. This openness lets everyone understand how the school works from the inside out, creating strong opinions and views (both from parents, teachers and students).

To benefit from the school's values, you need to be self-managed, and your family must commit some time. Ideally, your parents' work or finances should let you give at least 1-hour to half a day every week for projects, helping tamarikis, or sharing skills and passions. For academic achievement, you must spend an hour or two each evening on your studies (this is true no matter which school you go to in NZ).

If you can't give time or don't want to be involved, or if you think this school is design for neurodiverse, ASD, ADHD, or autistic-spectrum children, it might not be right for your family. In that case, look for other options. This helps keep the waiting list short for those truly excited to join our special community!
Feb 16, 2023

Ok school hard time at discipline

This schools ethics are wonderful but they have a difficult time realising who to get rid of at this school, for example a friend of mine was assaulted by another student at this school. She contacted police and had a tough time getting him expelled or even stood down. In my opinion it is far too common at this school situations like this. I really think they could do better.
Jan 30, 2023

Best school :)

Best school in Christchurch (if not everywhere!) Teachers are super friendly, welcoming and support students in their individual learning pathways. Love the way the school is set up.
Apr 12, 2021

Awesome school, highly recommended!

This school isn’t for everyone but if it’s for you, you will thrive! The teachers are so kind and supportive of your learning and let you be independent! The school allows you to have time to do other activities outside of school like sports etc, while also making sure you do well in your classes. There are lots of amazing people with different interests and backgrounds.
Former Student
Oct 15, 2020


Perfect school for me, I was a part time dancer (meaning I only was at school 50%) and I still passed the year! They make it so your learning and classes are flexible and fit your schedule. The only issue I had was the teachers are very laid back so if you don't ask for help or suggest to do a certain assessment, they probably will leave you alone. Communication is key at this school. If you are well driven I think that this is the best school you'll find. Ive been through many schools and by far this school was my fav.
Sep 9, 2020


I think that this school is good for certain people. Although there are a lot of interesting kids that go there and can be quite a lot to take in. The teachers are alright but could be better
5 Mollett St, 8011, Christchurch
Steven Mustor
03 377 7773

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