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Mar 11, 2023


Poor school. Got bullied, harassed, stalked and victim blamed most days. School knew about it but didn’t do anything.
Mar 11, 2023

School Review

This school is absolutely amazing! It cares for their students and teaches them how to transition into the work. Probably the best school in nz!
Feb 19, 2023

Love ashs

Home away from home. absolutely love it
Feb 13, 2023

Media, drama, design, dance, englesh.

5 star!

I love ASHS because it’s a space to take guided responsibility for my own learning and build my confidence with creativity aswell as meeting both like minded students AND students that i would not have interacted with other wise.
Former Student
Jan 27, 2023

w school fr

w school fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Jul 4, 2022


Not as good as you might think. Was lured by advertising, newness and principals overenthusiasm about how amazing the school was(principal is very dramatic) but daughter had awful time there as students just do their own thing and come and go as they wish. They have some tutorial lessons where apparently students just play on their phones,eat,sneak off to toilets or cafe, and on Wednesdays students often told don't have to go into school - can just do work at a business or pick up rubbish and don't have to write a report or anything. Seems like cop-out to me. Not structured school and 15-17yr olds still need structure. Not impressed and wish had sent daughter to another North shore school instead.
Jun 10, 2022

ASHS - Setting the standard

Incredibly impressed with the teacher engagement and general philosophy of the school. Transformed our child from a disengaged learner - ground down by the 'sit still, be quiet, and look at the whiteboard' style of many schools - into an inspired, enthusiastic student with incredible grades and self-motivation. The teachers are friendly and passionate, and go above and beyond to accommodate enquiring minds. Principal is a strong advocate for the students and respects their ideas, while requiring a high level of respect for others / good conduct; she sets an awesome tone. Great diversity of students, very supportive and welcoming student community. Impact Day (Wednesdays all year) is a phenomenal initiative. Any child destined for university will greatly benefit from going to ASHS, as a stepping stone into independent life. Why aren't more schools like this?!
Apr 15, 2021

Albany Senior High

Amazing school so far. The community is so welcoming and you'll always find where you belong. On the academics side, the schools learning style is setting you up for life after school. I really enjoy this style and I believe it's important. The teachers are great and the curriculum is engaging. The 100 minute period may seem way too long but I find the time flys and you're able to complete most of your work in class resulting in minimal homework. This school does have a reputation of being a "druggie" school or one for people who just don't try, but it's not any more of that than other schools. if you don't stick around with that type of crowd you won't get exposed to it. The only negatives I see with the school is the wifi can be a bit janky and there sometimes isn't great communication from event organisers to the staff so people are marked absent when not.
Apr 5, 2021

ashs is great!

Love this school. Teaching staff are so engaged and enthusiastic, very relaxed rules around self expression, positive phone use, etc. Great school for those looking to go to uni as the style of learning prepares students for self management and adaptability much better than other schools! Tbh the wifi does suck tho
Sep 6, 2020

Wi-Fi is bs

the Wi-Fi is sh*t. all work done online, but I can barely get online. smh.
536 Albany Highway, 0632, Auckland
Claire Amos
09 451 9065

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