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Former Student
Oct 11, 2023

I do not recommend this school

school is not good. uncomfortable uniform, the teachers care way too much about your apperance. Punished for wearing one bracelet and the slightest bit of mascara. They care more about accessories than your mental health. I could literally have tried to kill myself the night prior and they would still tell me off for not doing readingplus. I also got SAed and reported the assaulter (alongside many other victims) and the school didn't do anything. They said they'd punish him or contact the police but they never did any of that. I was there from year 7 - 10 so I had to suffer through 4 years. Was constantly bullied/harrassed and the teachers didn't care. I am a hardworking student and I strive to be the best I can possibly be academically, yet I learned barely anything at Albany Junior. There is only one good school counsellor, she is amazing and very good. However, the others are terrible and I don't recommend seeing them if you need help. The curriculum is insanely flawed and poorly executed by this school, so many pointless assignments and homework. Homework can be useful if it's actually helping you learn. So much of the stuff we were assigned didn't help anyone in the slightest and was tedious and nobody benefitted from them. School doesn't support students with learning disabilities or mental illness.
Mar 24, 2023

Wouldn't recommend this school

Not a very nice school, not helpful towards students especially kids with learning disabilities. I wouldn't recommend sending your child to this school.
Former Student
Mar 16, 2023


THE WORST SCHOOL IVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF BEING IN!!! im neurodiverse aka Autism and adhd and they have been so ignorant and awful about it, when im not up to the attention standards im not allowed to eat lunch, produces the most unwelcoming kids and has caused to many other kids to consider ending themselves, if you care about your kids health physically and mentally i advise NEVER taking them there
Mar 11, 2023

Failed duty of care

This is a very vile and toxic school. They are no good for diverse learners.
They failed their duty of care towards my child, blamed everyone else but themselves for what they had failed on. School has alot of bullying that happens too.
Former Student
Feb 1, 2023

Only stay first two years

When I first started at AJHS I thought it was lovely. I didn’t have any problems in my first year, my teacher was great and I had good friends. My second year things started to go downhill I was stuck with a teacher that didn’t really know how to grade properly and could never get the attention of the students. My third year I needed some extra attention due to some problems and I didn’t really receive that, we sent countless emails and had many meetings but it never really stuck, of course there were a few good teachers and that made it bearable. My fourth year was by far the worst year of schooling in my life. I had no support from teachers and found myself at home a lot due to problems. Not once did a single one of my teachers try check in on me, send me work or help me through the work. I could only participate if things were online and even then I had to teach myself. During that year I heard teachers talking bad about me to other students in classes I wasn’t even in or participated with and even had a teacher tell me to fix myself. I know majority of students in my year wished for school to end or to have left after the first two years. I would totally do the first two years again but after that I would leave to a different school.
Former Student
Feb 1, 2023

Bad education

This school does not care about your learning. It has a poor way of delivering the curriculum. In short, does not teach you anything. If you need help on something, they would not even help in the best way possible and they basically do the bare minimum for their students' learning. If you need extension, on the other hand, they do the same thing - let you be and not even help you become even better. This school makes its students lose their potential because they do not care about them as they do not nurture their students' potentials. This school also does not give justice to its students and their recognition some of their students deserve. Overall, if you have an option, please do not consider enrolling in this school if you want a good future ahead of you and if you want to develop your potential and discover your passion, please enrol elsewhere.
Nov 21, 2022

An international students playground - so much to learn!

Our international student has loved being immersed in such a friendly environment with so many opportunities.
Oct 31, 2022

Great school

My child has had a great experience and has loved her teachers at AJHS. We are very happy with the four year programme on offer, Arts and Sports are especially fabulous.
Oct 31, 2022

A place to make lifelong friends

Our children attended AJHS and they have all had really beautiful experiences. We have appreciated the dedicated staff and the extra things they do that other schools don't, such as camps and Friday clubs.
Oct 30, 2022

A school with a difference

We have so enjoyed the opportunities AJHS has given to our students. The opportunities are amazing and the standard of teaching was well above what we'd been expecting. Thank you.
Former Student
Aug 21, 2022

Not a fan.

This is the worst school I have ever been to. The lack of good counselling and help for students is terrible as well as the bullying and things students do. Disgusting. Don't enrol your kids to this school.
Former Student
Jul 27, 2022

Wondering School - My Honest Review of 4 Years at AJHS

I attended this school for 4 years. It was the best schooling experience I’ve had (Attended Multiple Schools in NZ and Internationally). The friends I made, I still see constantly. The resources were fantastic. The bathrooms got a bit messy but this is nothing against the school and just against the students ability to keep it clean (Janitors would clean almost everyday or night). The teachers were passionate about teaching and I built some great relationships with my teachers- although I wasn’t a teachers pet, Thinking back, I was still treated the same despite my disruption to the class, by talking or doing something. The Canteen is great, the previous principal was a bit strange but he has since left and the school has taken a turn for the better. I think many of the people who have written poor reviews have completely misjudged the school by one or two poor experiences or are just completely ignoring their privilege. If I had kids, I would send them here.

(2021 Graduation was Cancelled due to Covid - They should make amends for this)
Apr 3, 2022

The Worst School I’ve Ever Encountered

The most racist school I’ve ever experienced. I’ve given my child a remote panic button since I feel so uneasy about sending my child AJHS. The quality of education is poor. Despite informing AJHS leadership of all the mishaps It seems all the school is interested in is embezzling funds from parents.
Former Student
Apr 15, 2021

Good school, I enjoyed my time there :)

I enjoyed my experience at the school, nice community. I have heard from others thay their experience wasn't the best and they struggled slightly with abelism and transphobia from a couple staff. The curriculum is decent, being in the AAC class they tried to extend you but when it came up to year 9 and 10 it wasn't as engaging. one thing I disliked was how we were not able to do ncea in year 10. However there is definitely alot of opportunitys to explore your various interests.
Sep 6, 2020

Albany Junior High School Review

You can tell the school has told intention on wanting to learn however in year 9 to 1p you aren't really pursuing your dream your just working to the school standards. The toilet is the main issue since they aren't very good.
Appleby Road, 0632, Auckland
Stephen Kendall-Jones
09 415 5473

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