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Former Student
Jan 28, 2024


Excellence at AGE school

Our son was not thriving in the state system. Particularly in a conventional classroom environment, with large class sizes. He joined AGE early in their journey and thrived through their project based learning curriculum. He also benefitted from small class sizes and a tailored education programme, that played to his strengths and helped to address his weaknesses. All the teachers he had throughout his 4 years, were incredibly caring and set him up very well for his next stage in tertiary education. We have only had positive experiences at this school and do not understand the 2 negative reviews on this forum.
Dec 2, 2023

A Unique and Supportive School

This school has been the best experience for my child, who is now off to university. Their friends also found their different pathways with some off to uni and others to art school. The learning coaches are very experienced and professional and really care about each and every child. Everything is included in the fees so there’s no extras with uniform, stationery, or course books. They even provide specialist tutors if your child wants to study something that’s bit bit different! My child is going out into the world knowing what their strengths are and how they can use them - I couldn’t ask for more!
Sep 27, 2023

Dishonest behaviour

Hi everyone
I just want to share my experience, we went to school end of last educational year, school told us becuse its the ladt week of the school they can not give us trial time and we agreed we will have our trial after enrolment, if we didn't like the school they will refund the money except the enrolment fee and we were happy.
In second day we withdraw and school never refund our money.
They charged us for 1 and half day for more than $7000 .
Im happy my child didn't go there, look like values like honestly is not in this school's chart.
Hope no one have same experience after reading this review.
Aug 23, 2023

Age school

At this school you will not be viewed as a normal child. The rules are different for everyone there is no sense of equality between students and teachers. Teachers will favour other students more than you, You will be bullied. Not by students, By teachers. The education at this school is Horrific, You are expected to just click into any subject that is taught, And at this school there is no mental health support what so ever Its a very unsafe environment as there is Scissors left open on the ground. Junk all over the floor and it’s overall Dangerous. At age you will be taught the most useless things that you won’t be able to use in later life, You will do one subject one day gather the data and never use that data for anything later on in lessons. Teachers as this school will not hesitate to twist your words if they are in the wrong, They will bully you verbally If you call them out on they’re wrongs but they will do that if they just don’t like you. At this school they claim to be a “Academy for gifted children” but nothing about the education here is gifted. How ever. In terms of science the education provided by one teacher is very good and all students in class are able to engage in that. They also claim to have great support for children who are neurodivergent and neurotypical but it’s horrible for both. In the time I’m writing this review all time they have only had one graduate that is going on to university. The fees are Ridiculous at 28500 Yearly. I would advise you to find a Kinder learning environment for your children and one that provides quality support and education.
Karaka House 9 Huron Street, 0622, Auckland
Steve Mouldey
09 218 7771

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