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Greater transparency - more enrollments

Using SchoolParrot for your preschool is an effective way to attract future parents to your preschool and show present and previous parents experience of it. Parents and guardians with children of preschool age use the internet as the main source when searching for information about a preschool. With SchoolParrot, you can easily show what present and previous guardians think and thus create simple and good recommendations that are visible while searching online.
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Functions and benefits

SchoolParrot is the complete review platform for schools and education.
  • Review invitations

    Validate and controll reviews
  • Edit school information

    About, info, contact and more
  • Answer on reviews

    Show your audience you care
  • Increase Google visability

    More relevant reviews, more hits
  • Reference page

    Unique customizable page
  • Widgets

    Show your reviews on your website
  • Statistics and analytics

    Compare with national average in realtime
  • Controlled safe environment

    Built for schools with applicable security
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